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if he doesn't come to her

they met in the network, their relationship is very good, play games every day. Chat with too many happy things,

he was good to her, in every possible way...

her every day happy smile. Thought I found my prince charming

so, over the past 3 months,

but, one day, she heard someone say, he has a wife. Home, kids......

at that time, she listen to, feel at the end of the world, the earth would explode.. she cry, cry every day

she began to ignore him. His Q pull black, remove all traces of the heart... But, still want to forget him,

so, when he called, she answered, he cried. He told her, I find you, already in the car,She was happy,

and sad

was glad to finally meet you, loving man

sadly, they may not have the results, she could chaussures gucci pas cher not go to destroy another family. So, her contradictions

but, have come, she can't go to see him, because she loved him

so, at noon on the second day, they met, she brought him home......

they are still so happy, so happy,

just her heart, a more melancholy, because she knows herself, saw, she will never forget

but no results, finally, torture or yourself

he she it only spent 4 days, fourth days left, because he and his wife said,

his tolerance for 4 days, when he left, she sent him, but when he did even a kiss didn't leave her

she's lost back home, cry very sad, she wants him, the room was filled with the smell of his, he traces,

second days, they met at QQ, he is very cold to her, just say a few words, had, before not having that sweet feeling

she called him, but he always turned off

she seems aware of paul smith pas cher what, start to his stop message. However, he did not answer her

she sad cry. A few days later, she found her Q without him. She finally know, he left her

every day she began to cry, almost tears dry, she really want him, want to be crazy,

if he doesn't come to her, maybe she wouldn't be so sad. She can not be reconciled, want to know why he left her

she kept looking for him, finally one day, they contacted, she told him, want to go to Shenyang to find him, he did not answer, also did not refuse

so, for second days, she set foot on the train to Shenyang, she arrived in Shenyang, he did not sac bottega veneta come for her,

she had to find a place to;