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This is dirty

From the beginning of April 25, 2012, I refuse to eat any processed foods.........

in fact really not what Sanlu milk powder.. Have a look these...

today from a friend there to see, sighed with emotion to human intelligence is how high ah · ~ ~ really be filled with a thousand regrets ah ~!

seriously bottega veneta pas cher read ha ~ ~ so that you can die as clear as noonday grinning ~ ~

ha 10 orange, peach

this is a fruit in the southern suburbs of Fuzhou Hongxing farm storage warehouse, warehouse filled with boxes of oranges, the air was filled with a strong smell of.

reporter: so heavy musty!

several workers put a box of oranges to remove the fresh-keeping bag.

reporter: what is this?

workers: This is dirty, to change the bag.

the reporters found that many are disassembled oranges grow mildew. These have sac burberry femme been moldy oranges to do what?

reporter: this off?

workers: skin, dress up. Dress up.

boss took out a small bottle out some red powder, pour into a pot of colorless oily liquid to reconcile. The oil in the pot soon became a deep red, the dark red oily substance is coated on the plate, sponge. Subsequently, dried orange was put into a bowl.

according to the boss to do so is to give orange waxing. This red powder is a kind of pigment, and the oil is paraffin.

Add alum can make sodium cyclamate, monosodium glutamate, alcohol, water fast to peach pulp, not only can increase the weight, but also can make the not yet mature, taste sour peaches become sweet and crisp.

expert: alum is not add, and why? Our program is alum, before a few period have already mentioned, is very clear, because the alum containing aluminum, effect of this substance on the intelligence of the child, in addition to the outside, the whole making way, the water (water), that is, the total number of bacteria, Escherichia coli microorganisms must exceed the standard. So often result in our consumer diarrhea.

11. materials murderous four volts

Changyuan County of Henan Province Ding Luan Zhen was known as the "China Eisai town", is one of the main centers sac celine of sanitary materials in china. But reporters found in Ding Luan Zhen interview, sanitary materials wholesale market desolate here, many shops are closed doors.<;