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A knife to split

Wants to slow days, the silver remit to, shall return, how angry, you today if allowed to sac voyage paul smith what I said, everything off, such as a half word prevaricate. I took your life." When the magistrate only gas three dead rampage, seven endophytic smoke, condition by him, and not push hard, loudly shout: "you this damn villains, who dares to the government for? For if I preach the set of soldiers arrived, you catch, executed, then it's too late." Ren Sheng Tian Zi, upon hearing this, the dark heart a surprised, fear tune training around, be hopelessly outnumbered, but for beauty. As the pre emptive, hurry to sac hermes Plume the waist pull out the sword, according to definite prefect body axe, instant is divided into two sections. The officers saw the palace to kill, voice shouted, came together, was Rensheng emperor rampage, played every man ralph lauren homme fled East West, and life. Then Rensheng son hurried to Chen Jia Zhuang, and Jing Sheng know, "because I kill magistrate, now and Qiqi, approaching, we need also to attack them, killing soldiers burst, so that he could not come, and then slowly escape, but also from the family involvement, how to do?" Liu Fang said: "This matter should not be delayed., immediately to go forward." So Rensheng emperor and the end ready, first against him, not two, but met officers and men to come up, hurried to catch their. The original training at first, Wen said: "there is a man broke into the palace hall, killing the officer, wounded officers, the soldiers catch the murderer." The soldiers thought that a man is easy to capture, but was not ready for war, therefore suffered, it was clear and Rensheng emperor two sword, and kill, and Chen Jingsheng and Liufang from back, head and tail pincer attack, the officers and soldiers killed defeated, fled, each life insurance. Rensheng emperor four also does not catch up, looking north]]>