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Fashion Tyrant Jinhong 23 widescreen LCD 999 yuan


macro? G237HLkd LCD display appearance with the mainstream borderless design, fashion Tyrant eye-catching gold color as the main color, full HD 1980x1080 resolution; 178 ° viewing angle large; 6ms fast response time;? 100,000,000:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, macro G237HLkd consistent viewing angle LCD display screen variety, enjoy a more perfect visual experience. Currently the macro? G237HLkd LCD monitor is priced at 999 yuan Jingdong Mall.


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macro? G237HLkd Tyrant LCD monitors have eye-catching gold color appearance, and is equipped with a wide viewing angle IPS panel,foakley sunglasses, built-in ACM picture processing technology that enables the display even more beautiful. Full HD 1980x1080 resolution, 178 ° viewing angle large; 6ms fast response time, and 100,000,000:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio.


macro? G237HLkd liquid crystal display (images from Jingdong Mall)


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macro? G237HLkd most LCD monitors attract users is that it fashion mainstream Tyrant gold color casing, the product gives the impression high atmospheric grade, 23 English? IPS screen with full HD 1080P mode gives users the perfect visual experience and enjoyment.


macro? G237HLkd LCD monitor
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