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Dynamic fashion models 14 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, t


Recently, the editors noted that the current store is holding promotional activities, and a new Mercedes-Benz Promotions spree hands, now there are car supply store, and full color, providing test drive, interested Friends may call the dealer for more details. [integrity, customer first] Service Hotline: 18604166839 Zhang.


appearance, the car has a more slender appearance, smoother, more dynamic profile. Increase in size, but also makes a corresponding increase rear door for easy on and off; wheelbase to improve rear passenger space. Obviously, the front end of the new C-Class looks better than the current car fashion . It has a more straight grille, angular headlights and hood. At the rear, there is a more significant bumpers, rounded tail lights extending to the side of the body,ray ban sunglasses wholesale, giving the lower body, wider appearance.




interior, the new C-class steering wheel with a new three-spoke design, the layout of the center console is also more reasonable. And a car equipped with a larger display and COMAND system more legible instrument panel, which will effectively alleviate driver fatigue driving course in the eye. Mercedes-Benz C-Class fashion , dynamic, revealing a trace of movement calm atmosphere. Is still a "smaller version of Big Ben" feeling, but more lively than Duoliaoyifen its S-Class sedan. It uses a horizontal grille blades and embedded in the three-pointed star emblem is designed to make it vividly highlights the movement qualities.




dynamic aspects, C200 CGI CGI is equipped with 1.8 liters turbocharged direct injection engine, the power output of up to 150kW (204 horsepower) and 310N.m, compared to the previous supercharged engine The maximum power output increased by 20 horsepower, with the application of direct injection technology to further improve fuel economy while ensuring power.

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price, to go nationwide, Genius

[integrity, customer first] Hotline!: 18604166839 Zhang

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