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Future technology Google Glasses + Intelligent bra

NetEase mobile phone news on May 9th message, wearable technology in recent years after the rapid development, its products has been involved in various fields, an important development direction of which is the transition from the traditional to the man-machine interface, using speech and gestures and other new technology to gradually replace the keyboard, mouse or touch screen control equipment.

Sweden 麦拉德伦 University (MDH University) research team recently on the use of Google glasses and intelligent Bracelet equipment developed a virtual keyboard new solutions, to create a only the user can see the keyboard, and the keyboard can be suitable for all kinds of surface, the scene a future filled with a sense of science and technology.

it is understood, the team started the research and development of "virtual keyboard" technology since 2005, at first mainly rely on Robotics and computer vision technology to realize, but since Google glasses, the research team found all sorts of advantages can make full use of Google glasses to create a virtual keyboard input pattern, and then saw the equipment.

virtual keyboard device mainly comprises two C shaped ring , they can be fitted in the palm of your hand, and built-in sensors to determine the specific location of the fingers and hands, the emergence of a virtual QWERTY keyboard will at this point in the Google glasses worn by the user,custom silicone bracelets no minimum, once the user plane fingers touch the reality the world, the virtual keyboard keys will accordingly be activated, and the finger movements of data users will be passed to the Google glasses and other equipment, to complete the input operation. In addition, the Bracelet also supports mouse and gesture control, so in addition to typing, can also be used to control applications and games etc..

"said, now the keyboard in the use of the way with the nineteenth Century typewriter does not have what difference," he is professor emeritus at the University 麦拉德伦? O r (Lars Asplund) said, "but the virtual keyboard we have created a new input way, health problems in this way will to some extent to reduce the traditional keyboard."

Asplund also said, the research team believes that the virtual keyboard has huge development potential, although they are still in the prototype stage, but if you can get enough financial support, they are expected to complete the project within a year, available for consumption level virtual keyboard products.