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Zhuzhou enterprises to accelerate into Africa last

 "Rooted" Africa is becoming a new choice city business. Reporter June 4 from the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade Bureau was informed that last year, the city of exports amounting to $ 82 million of non-, equivalent to the city by 2012 total exports to non-cumulative ($ 83 more than one million), for non-export enterprises have over a hundred.

■ for non-exporters over a hundred


Recently, more than 3000 line post porcelain, Liling sent from Zambia. This is Liling porcelain Electric Co., Ltd. Orient sent to Africa this year, the seventh single product.


"products have been exported to South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda and other African countries, the African market share has increased to 30 percent." the company said, Africa is in the development stage, the market demand is large, especially with the infrastructure construction-related industries.


Liling, another foreign trade enterprises - of the special Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou "Nuggets" More. Deng present chairman of the company, said two years ago, the company's total exports of about 30 million yuan, nearly 100 million yuan last year, the most important part of the increase comes from the African market,24 hour wristbands, "inexpensive Chinese goods in Africa, it is marketing. "The company has opened the country Libya, Nigeria, Egypt and other markets.


Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade Bureau responsible person, there are 53 African countries, the industry is relatively backward, most of the goods imported. Zhuzhou is currently engaged in the export of hundreds of non-enterprise, covering rail transportation, automotive parts, ceramics, clothing and other industries.


■ direct investment in factories, companies are cautious


but most small and medium export enterprises still in exports to non-stage and agents around, but this bridge, directly to the local plant is not much investment.


few years ago, Deng had intended to present to invest and build factories in Libya. He said private enterprises invest in Africa, will be a lot less restrictions standards, and export to Europe and other countries will be more convenient.


"But political instability in some African countries, different customs of the local population, coupled with the Company's risk-resisting ability is not strong, have had to give up the idea." Deng said of the hair. And Deng, like the hair, though many entrepreneurs optimistic about the city's African market, but to direct investment in factories still very cautious.


■ formation of "joint fleet" to Africa


but "into" Africa is a matter of time.


founded less than a year Zhuzhou Lusong clothing import and export gold trade Zhaochun Qing, general manager, said the company had with the Thai Chamber of Commerce of Hunan president reached a preliminary cooperation intention, the proposed partnership, shares ways to invest in Africa and build factories.


"each have investments in Africa, Southeast Asia, factories, has 10 years of experience in foreign trade, with a strong ability to resist risks." Zhao Chunqing said that in the "local" plant, not only to compress the intermediate links, There are conducive to the transfer of excess domestic capacity, leveraging both international and domestic resources and markets.


familiar political economy 赵纯清 believe that with the deepening of China-Africa relations, Africa is expected to become Zhuzhou business "cultivating" a piece of land. (Zhuzhou Times)