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ADA Appliances Available From Several Top Applianc

Our trusty dishwashers keep us from standing over the sink washing our dishes one by one after each meal. Our reliable refrigerators keep our food fresh and ensure there’s always a cold drink waiting on a hot day.

However, if you can’t reach the top shelf of your refrigerator or access your dishwasher, your appliances will be of little use to you. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 sets forth accessible design standards to ensure individuals with disabilities can access public places and everyday necessities with ease.

ASKO ADA dishwashers can wash up to 14 place settings!

While standard countertops in the U.S. are 36 inches from the floor, the ADA requires countertops not exceed 34 inches in height. While many standard, undercounter appliances would not fit under the lower countertops, several top appliance companies have created Americans with Disabilities Act compliant appliances. For example, ASKO and Bosch offer ADA dishwashers, and U-Line offers ADA refrigeration.

With distinguished reputations in the home appliance industry, ASKO and Bosh do not disappoint when it comes to ADA appliances. They offer all the same quality and convenience while meeting height compliance.

ASKO’s ADA dishwashers can accommodate 14 place settings, nine wash cycles, and seven temperature settings. Choose from heavy, normal, delicate, or quick wash; or simply rinse dishes that have been sitting unused for a while. ASKO allows you to select the settings and delay the start for up to 24 hours, and the brand boasts some of the quietest dishwashers on the market.

Bosch ADA dishwashers are equipped with adjustable racks and a sanitize option!

Bosch ADA dishwashers also operate with a whisper. In fact, they’ve been ranked quietest in their class. Bosch offers six wash cycles, including a sanitize option that kills harmful bacteria. Adjustable racks and an extra-tall sprinkler allow you throw even those large platters and pitchers in the dishwasher.

A half load cycle allows you to wash a small load without being wasteful, and in fact, you never have to feel guilty running your Bosch ADA dishwasher because it exceeds Energy Star water requirements by 150 percent. Like ASKO, Bosch offers a 24-hour delay start.

U-Line’s ADA undercounter refrigerators have digital displays to program for precise temperatures.

Once you’ve chosen between the ASKO and Bosch dishwashers, the U-Line ADA refrigerator is any easy choice. This Energy Star rated ADA appliance offers 5.3 cubic feet of refrigeration space and a digitally controlled convection cooling system that allows you to choose a precise temperature between 34°F and 45°F. Four chrome wire shelves are sturdy enough for all your drinks, dishes, and leftovers.

U-Line undercounter refrigerators can be built-in or remain freestanding, and you can choose a left- or right-hand hinge.

Here at Elite Appliance, we offer these and several other ADA compliant appliances from the top brands in the industry.

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