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The Silent Ballet: Tracks

The Top 50 Tracks of 20011


1. Farewell Poetry, "And In The Full, Indomitable Light Of Hope Pt. II"
2. M83, "Midnight City"
3. Mogwai, "Rano Pano"
4. A Winged Victory For The Sullen, "Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears"
5. Petrels, "Concrete"
6. Grails, "Deep Politics"
7. MON, "TP 3,50"
8. Gold Panda, "Marriage" (Star Slinger Remix)
9. Years Of Rice And Salt, "Carnival"
10. *shels, "Plains Of The Purple Buffalo (Pt I & II)"
11. Juliana Barwick, "White Flag"
12. Battles, "Futura"
13. We Trust, "Time (Better Not Stop)" (Sun Glitters Remix)
14. Explosions In The Sky, "Postcards From 1952"
15. Now Ensemble, "Change"
16. Giles Lamb, "Dead Island Trailer Theme"
17. Tim Hecker, "Hatred Of Music"
18. Codes In The Clouds, "Washington"
19. The Field, "It's Up There"
20. Kreng, "Wrak"
21. Todd Reynolds, "Transamerica" (Featuring Kid Beyond)
22. Blueneck, "Pneumothorax"
24. Aquarelle, "With Verticals"
25. Virtual Boy, "Mass"
26. The Joy Formidable, "Whirring"
27. Il Rumore Del Fiore De Carta, "Minigold Striker"
28. Johann Johannsson, "The Cause of Labour Is The Hope Of The World"
29. Pogo, "Go Out And Love Someone"
30. HTRK, "Synthetik"
31. Industries Of The Blind, "The Lights Weren't That Bright, But Our Eyes Were So Tired"
32. The Cinematic Orchestra, "Entr' acte"
33. Hammock/Steve Kilbey/Timebandit Powles, "Parkers Chapel"
34. Alexander Turnquist, "Hallway Of Mirrors"
35. This Will Destroy You, "Killed The Lord, Left For The New World"
36. Hidden Orchestra, "Flight"
37. Rhian Sheehan, "February"
38. Rosetta, "TMA-3"
39. Esmerine, "Snow Day For Lhasa"
40. Anoice, "Drops"
41. Nils Frahm, "Less"
42. Submotion Orchestra, "Perfection"
43. Dakota Suite And Emanuele Errante, "A Worn Out Life (With Cello)"
44. Vladislav Delay, "Korpi"
45. ThisQuietArmy, "The Pacific Theater"
46. Not To reason Why, "Good Night"
47. Benoit Honore Pioulard, "Autochoral"
48. Earth, "Odd Black"
49. Sparkle In Gray, "Mexico"
50. Fabio Orsi, "Full Metal Flat"

Re: The Silent Ballet: Albums

Figured it's convenient to post lists in this thread.

Actually, I'd prefer it if each list got its own thread. They'll be easier to locate that way. Thanks for posting all these, JR!

Re: The Silent Ballet: Albums

You're welcome. I gave The Odolator and The Silent Ballet their own individual threads.

It doesn't look like Vibe has had a list; and from what I can tell, Just Press Play had a few critics post individual lists.

RE Metromix- I see A YE list on the Chicago Metromix site- is the list universal to all Metromix sites? Not sure how it works.

RE Now- like Just Press Play, it has various critics' individual lists for best albums of 2011.

Re: The Silent Ballet: Albums

For the French magazines, I saw that Tsugi, Technikart and Vibrations have lists of albums this year.
Anybody bought it ?