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The Vancouver Sun (Canada) EOY 2011




40. Yuck-Yuck
39. Chad VanGaalen-Diaper Island
38. Handsome Furs-Sound Kapital
37. Joe Bonamassa-Dust Bowl
36. tUnE-yArDs-w h o k i l l
35. Kid Coala-Space Kadet
34. Kathryn Calder-Bright And Vivid
33. Fucked Up-David Comes To Life
32. Opeth-Heritage
31. Girls-Father, Son, Holy Ghost
30. Bon Iver-Bon Iver
29. Hooded Fang-Tosta Mista
28. Yob-Atma
27. Bry Webb-Provider
26. Drake-Take Care
25. Thurston Moore-Demolished Thoughts
24. Coeur De Pirate-Blonde
23. Tom Waits-Bad As Me
22. Iceage-New Brigade
21. Obits-Moody, Standard And Poor
20. Shabazz Palaces-Black Up
19. Radiohead-The King Of Limbs
18. Anthrax-Worship Music
17. Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks-Mirror Traffic
16. Austra-Feel It Break
15. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan-YT//ST
14. Wilco-The Whole Love
13. Cults-Cults
12. The Black Keys-El Camino
11. Colin Stetson — New History Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges

Re: The Vancouver Sun (Canada) EOY 2011

Any idea whether this is a one-critic list? I'm not sure it's eligible for the spreadsheet.

Re: The Vancouver Sun (Canada) EOY 2011

Harold Wexler
Any idea whether this is a one-critic list? I'm not sure it's eligible for the spreadsheet.

I don't really know but giving it a second look it must be only his, since he's the only guy writing for music in that publication, so maybe it ain't eligible.



10. The Horrors — Skying
9. Charles Bradley — No Time For Dreaming
8. PJ Harvey — Let England Shake
7. St. Vincent — Strange Mercy
6. Dan Mangan — Oh Fortune
5. Adele — 21
4. The Weeknd — House of Balloons/Thursday
3. We Are the City — High School
2. Fleet Foxes — Helplessness Blues
1. Destroyer — Kaputt