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Mowno (France) / Songs / EOY 2011


With no order

Berlin - Modeselektor
Black Rainbow - Aucan
Buy Nothing day - The Go! Team
Crack my bones - The Shoes
Crickets - Moka Only & Chief
Fuck it. You win - Hanni El Khatib
Gangsta - tUnE yArDs
Good times rags and requiems - Paul Thomas Saunders
Go Outside - The Cults
Gotta Get It Right Now - Telekinesis
Grey Nurse - Civil Civic
Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
How Come - little Barrie
Ice Cream - Battles
Ice Swann - ddamage
If you just make love to me - Git
I'll die rich at your funerals - Peter Kernel
Iron - Woodkid
Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
Make Some Noise - Beastie Boys
Mary - Yellow Ostrich
Midnight City - M83
Modern Art - Blck Lips
Moisturizer - Flash Bang Grenada
Myma - Girls
Nightlife - Onry Ozzborn
One Hit Wonder - Wiley
Osaka - Hella
Pilgrim - Mungo Park
Rano Pano - Mogwai
Remember 2 forget - Murs
Rotten Apples - Paul White
Santa Claus ain't comin' - Lavalier
Satellites - The Kills
Shapeshift - DELS
She Wants - Metronomy
Slap slap slap pound up down snap - The death set
Song of los - Apparat
The song of shadows - Mondkopf
Takyon - Death Grips
Tomorrow - Jono McCleery
Video Games - Lana Del Rey
Walk the same - Grey Reverend
Wandering Spirits - Chad VanGaalen
We can make the world stop - The Glitch Mob
What Happened - Dope D.O.D.
Where I'm from - MED
The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake
Witches - Low
Yonkers - Tyler, the creator