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NoiseCreep (US) EOY 2011 metal albums

11. 'One for Sorrow' Insomnium (Century Media)
10. 'Outer Isolation' Vektor (Heavy Artillery)
9. 'The Hymn of Broken Man' Times of Grace (Roadrunner Records)
8. 'Leveller' August Burns Red (Solid State)
7. 'The Destroyers of All' Ulcerate (Willowtip)
6. 'The Hunter' Mastodon (Reprise Records)
5. 'Darker Handcraft' Trap Them (Prosthetic Records)
4. 'The Thousandfold Epicentre' The Devil's Blood (Ván Records)
3. 'Reports From the Threshold of Death' Junius (Prosthetic Records)
2. 'Diotima' Krallice (Profound Lore)
1. 'Void' Craft (Southern Lord)