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Textura (Ca) EOY 2011



01. Fovea Hex: Here is Where We Used to Sing (Janet/Die Stadt)
02. Lucy: Wordplay For Working Bees (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
03. Arborea: Red Planet (Strange Attractors)
04. FareWell Poetry: Hoping For the Invisible to Ignite (Gizeh)
05. bvdub: I Remember (translations of ‘Mørketid') (Glacial Movements)
06. Akira Kosemura: How My Heart Sings (Schole)
07. The Lickets: Here (On Earth) (International Corporation)
08. Jody Redhage: Of Minutiae and Memory (New Amsterdam)
09. Randy Gibson: Aqua Madora (Avant Media)
10. Talvihorros: Descent Into Delta (Hibernate)
11. orchestramaxfieldparrish: Crossing of Shadows
12. A Winged Victory for the Sullen: S/T (kranky)
13. Mats Eilertsen: Skydive (Hubro)
14. Alexander Berne: Flickers of Mine / Death of Memes (Innova)
15. Veio Abiungo: And the World is Still Yawning (Lost Tribe Sound)
16. Phillip Schroeder: Passage Through a Dream (Innova)
17. Balmorhea: Live at Sint-Elisabethkerk (Western Vinyl)
18. Mem1: Tetra (Estuary)
19. Sleepingdog: With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields (Gizeh)
20. Deadbeat: Drawn and Quartered (BLKRTZ)


21. Steffi: Yours & Mine (Ostgut Ton)
22. Gusgus: Arabian Horse (Kompakt)
23. DJ W!LD: Palace (W Records)
24. Stephan Mathieu: A Static Place (12k)
25. Maceo Plex: Life Index (Crosstown Rebels)
27. Kate Simko: Lights Out (Hello? Repeat)
28. Art Department: The Drawing Board (Crosstown Rebels)
29. Alexander Turnquist: Hallway Of Mirrors (VHF)
30. Andy Vaz: Straight Vacationing (Yore)
31. offthesky: The Beautiful Nowhere (Hibernate)
32. Richard Knox & Frederic Oberland: The Rustle Of The Stars (Gizeh)
33. Fjordne: Charles Rendition (Kitchen.)
34. itsnotyouitsme: Everybody's Pain Is Magnificent (New Amsterdam)
35. Sense: Selected Moments Volume 1 (Psychonavigation)
36. Message To Bears: Departures (Dead Pilot)
37. Silkie: City Limits Volume 2 (Deep Medi)
38. May Roosevelt: Haunted (May Roosevelt)
39. Scott Solter: One River (Hidden Shoal)
40. Melodium: Coloribus (Abandon Buildings)


01. VA: Rebel Rave 2: Droog (Crosstown Rebels)
02. VA: Soma Records 20 Years (Soma Records)
03. Priestly-Smith: 10 Years Of Secretsundaze (Secretsundaze)
04. VA: Macrospective (Macro)
05. VA: Air Texture Vol. 1 (Air Texture)
06. VA: Get Lost 4 Mixed by Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels)
07. VA: Deep Medi Music Volume 3 (Deep Medi)
08. VA: 116 & Rising (Hessle Audio)
09. VA: 20 F@#&Ing Years - We Ain't Dead Yet (Planet E)
10. VA: Brownswood Electric 2 (Brownswood Recordings)


01. James Blackshaw: Holly EP (Important)
02. David Ahlen: New Jerusalem (thehourislate)
03. Agoria: Panta Rei Remixes (InFiné)
04. Orlando B: Future Resist (Yore)
05. Bnjmn: 141 (Svetlana)
06. Gulls: Boom Miami EP (Boomarm Nation)
07. Tracy Thorn: Night Time (Buzzin' Fly)
08. Agoria featuring Kid A: Heart Beating (Remixes) (InFiné)
09. DJ Duke: Summer Madness (Yore)
10. Quiroga: Really Swing Vol. 2 (Really Swing)
11. Semtek: West Acyd Shelter (Don't Be Afraid)
12. Alton Miller: Light Years Away (Mixed Signals)
13. Sepalcure: Fleur (Hotflush Recordings)
14. Antonymes meets Slow Dancing Society: We Don't Look Back For Very Long (Hidden Shoal)
15. Bop Singlayer: Volume 3 (Really Swing)
16. Rone: So So So (InFiné)
17. Semtek: Pizza (Don't Be Afraid)
18. Ceremony: Not Tonight (Custom Made Music)
19. Gang Colours: In Your Gut EP (Brownswood Recordings)
20. Strategy: Super Awareness is Fruit (Under The Spire)