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Vibration EOY (Switzerland)

as before, 3 categories

The winning trio

Anthony Joseph - Rubber Orchestras
Kouyaté & Neerman - Skyscrapers and Deities
James Blake - s/t

At the foot of the podium

Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting
SBTRKT - s/t
Bon Iver - s/t
Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia
Tinariwen - Tassili
Juju (Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara) - In Trance

And also

Baxter Dury - Happy Soup
Tom Waits - Bad As Me
Action Bronson - Dr. Lecter
Nicolas Jaar - Space Is only Noise
The Black Keys - El Camino
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
Thundercat - The Golden Age Of Apocalypse
Camille - Ilo Veyou
Piers Faccini - My Wilderness

Re: Vibration EOY (Switzerland)

This is slightly different from what they did last year - in 2010 there were two tiers, with three winners and 11 runners-up, and the spreadsheet solution Henrik devised was to keep total-plus-30 for the weighting but make the "ranks" 2 and 9 respectively. How should I handle the list this time, Henrik? Thanks in advance.

Re: Vibration EOY (Switzerland)

The most correct scores would be held with the midposition of each group which (2, 6.5, 14).