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Popdust: The Top 10 Songs From Our Popdust 40 Artists

Not sure if this is eligible. Popdust posted a top 40 greatest pop stars in music right now (based on an odd assortment of criteria- some good, some head-scratching), and then posted a top 10 songs culled from among those 40 acts.

You can see the 40 acts feature here:

This is the songs link:

1. Madonna, “Like a Prayer”
2. Kelly Clarkson, “Since U Been Gone”
3. Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean”
4. Beyonce feat. Jay-Z, “Crazy in Love”
5. Eminem feat. Dido, “Stan”
6. Rihanna feat. Jay-Z, “Umbrella”
7. Britney Spears, “Toxic”
8. Jay-Z feat. UGK, “Big Pimpin”
9. Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance”
10. Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

Re: Popdust: The Top 10 Songs From Our Popdust 40 Artists

Not eligible because of "right now" (and maybe also some of the head-scratching criteria ).


like, what does "Who they dated" or "hotness" have to do with anything? Also, drama that has nothing to do with the work should not apply.

It was nice that it did take a look back at older acts' catalog and such, but, still, some of the criteria should have no bearing on "greatest." But, for some, other nonsense comes into play for pop stars.