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Top 100 00's Albums (Rolling Stone)

There's the link, I don't have time to post the full list, but here's the top 10:
1- Kid A- Radiohead
2- Is This It- The Strokes
3- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot- Wilco
4- The Blueprint- Jay-Z
5- Elephant- The White Stripes
6- Funeral- Arcade Fire
7- Marshal Mather LP- Eminem
8- Modern Times- Bob Dylan
9- Kala- M.I.A.
10- The College Dropout- Kanye West

Not sure why Radiohead is ahead of The Strokes, Wilco, and Arcade Fire. Or why Eminem is in the top 10.

This Was Released...

late last year (along with the singles list), when most outlets were posting their decade-end lists. It's already in the 2000s spread sheet, which you can view on the main AM page. Though for some reason, I think positions 19 and 20 are reversed from what they initially were.