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2011 Mercury Prize nominations

Adele – 21

Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi

Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys!

Everything Everything – Man Alive

Ghostpoet – Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam

Gwilym Simcock – Good Days at Schloss Elmau

James Blake – James Blake

Katy B – On a Mission

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine

Metronomy – The English Riviera

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

Tinie Tempah – Disc-Overy

Re: 2011 Mercury Prize nominations

Let England Shake is too obvious. It's going to go to someone obscure this year just like every other year.

Re: 2011 Mercury Prize nominations

PJ Harvey for the win! Hope they don't buy the Adele hype or give to an obscure act like they did with Speech DeBelle two years ago. The backlash of doing the latter would be huge.

Re: 2011 Mercury Prize nominations

Yeah enough with Adele and all her british peers trying to sound like a cross between Dusty and Kate Bush. It's been done to death. I'll stick to the good old days and pick Polly all the way. I don't see them giving her the award since she already won but than again when she did win it was on 9/11 and she was actually in DC so maybe they want to make it up to her since she obviously couldn't make it to accept her award.

Re: 2011 Mercury Prize nominations

J.Blake will win, bank it