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1000 Songs That Rock Your World

This book featured nothing but acts that are considered rock (unlike some other outlets that use rock as an umbrella category to encompass multiple genres). So, no Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson or Madonna, etc. here.

The link has the "Look Inside" feature that shows all of the songs included.


Re: 1000 Songs That Rock Your World

Excellent find JR...That will hopefully boast also your artits list...? Do you plan to reveal it to us soon...? I hope this one will be included in the next songs update: it features some anthemic epic rock songs I wasn't aware of...Thanks, I bought the book this morning...

You're Welcome...

I have to get back to that artist list- I left it sit for a time. Thanks for the reminder, though. This is a songs list, though, so it probably wouldn't fit into the artists list.

I don't know if this will be included in the next update- I know Henrik said other big lists may take a back seat for the time being, unless he gets some assistance.

Re: You're Welcome...

Being it used the term "rock" as a genre rather than "all music since 1954", wouldn't that make the list genre specific?


I actually had thought of that, but figured it would be of interest to some posters.

Since it's not a "rock" outlet/publication, that very well may be the case. because clearly it's not an all-genre-encompassing feature.

Re: Hmmm...

Thanks, JR. I am not sure how to handle this list, but perhaps I will include it with a lower weight.