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weiv (S.KR) EOY 2010

south korea music webzine
(selected by 11 critics)

1위(67점): Arcade Fire [The Suburbs]
2위(64점): Kanye West [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
3위(61점): Janelle Monae [The ArchAndroid]
4위(36점): Deerhunter [Halcyon Digest]
5위(29점): Robyn [Body Talk]
6위(21점): Caribou [Swim]
7위(20점): The National [High Violet]
8위(18점): Big Boi [Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty]
9위(17점): Jonsi [Go]
10위(17점): Crystal Castles [Crystal Castels]
11위(14점): Belle And Sebastian [Write About Love]
12위(12점): The Dillinger Escape Plan [Option Paralysis]
12위(12점): Beach House [Teen Dream]
13위(10점): Joanna Newsom [Have One on Me]