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Soundi (Finland) EOY 2010



Woven Hand: The Threshingfloor
Big Boi: Sir Luscious Leftfoot... The Son of Chico Dusty
The Roots: How I Got Over
John Grant: Queen of Denmark
Gil Scott-Heron: I'm New Here
Hot Chip: One Life Stand
Terry Lee Hale: Proof of a Promise
Paul Metzger: Plays the Uses of Infinity
The Knife: Tomorrow, In a Year
Massive Attack: Heligoland


Ville Leinonen: Majakanvartijan uni
Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Modern Life
Pekko Käppi: Vuonna '86
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha
Radiopuhelimet: Rakastaa sinua
Circle: Rautatie
Them Bird Things: Wildlike Wonder
Rauhan Orkesteri: Dingdongtyyny Europetour 05
Teflon Brothers: ©
Paleface: Helsinki - Shangri La

Re: Soundi (Finland) EOY 2010

These aren't actually the critic lists of Soundi. It's just a writing where one of critics asks readers and others to tell them favorites of the year. The first list is the favorites of that one editor.
I don't have the magazine right now right here but I remember that National was the first. I will send the list as soon as I get the magazine again.

Re: Soundi (Finland) EOY 2010

Thanks, Petri, for this correction and for the Rumba list as well!

Re: Soundi (Finland) EOY 2010

According to a number of Finnish music sites I checked via Google, these appear to be the actual Soundi lists for 2010:

1. THE NATIONAL: High Violet (4AD)
2. DUNGEN: Skit i allt (Subliminal Sounds)
3. MIDLAKE: The Courage Of Others (Bella Union)
4. ARCADE FIRE: The Suburbs (Sonovox)
5. JOHN GRANT: Queen Of Denmark (Bella Union)
6. JOANNA NEWSOM: Have One On Me (Drag City)
7. THE BLACK KEYS: Brothers (V2)
8. THE CORAL: Butterfly House (Deltasonic)
9. THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM: American Slang (SideOne)

1. PALEFACE: Helsinki – Shangri-La (XO Records)
2. MAGENTA SKYCODE: Relief (Solina)
3. TUOMARI NURMIO: Paratiisin puutarha (Ratas)
4. RADIOPUHELIMET: Rakastaa sinua (If Society)
5. CIRCLE: Rautatie (Ektro
6. ULTRAMARIINI: Ydin (M.dulor)
7.  THEM BIRD THINGS: Wildlike Wonder (Playground)
8. DELAY TREES: Delay Trees (Pyramid)
9. VILLA NAH: Origin (Keys Of Life)
10. JO STANCE:  Jo Stance (Ricky-Tick)

It doesn't look like the lists go beyond 10.