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One writer gave the album 9/10. Not all the staff that voted.


NME Tracks

75. Jam City, 'Ecstasy Refix'
74. Eminem Feat. Rihanna, 'Love The Way You Lie'
73. Addison Groove, 'Footcrab'
72. Active Child, 'She Was A Vision'
71. The Futureheads, ‘The Heartbeat Song’
70. DJ Nate, ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’
69. Egyptian Hip Hop, 'Moon Crooner'
68. Foals, ‘Miami’
67. New Young Pony Club, ‘Lost A Girl'
66. Les Savy Fav, 'Let's Get Out Of Here'
65. Beach House, ‘Zebra'
64. Joy Orbison, ‘The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow’
63. Islet, ‘Ringerz’
62. Caribou, ‘Odessa’
61. Salem, 'King Night'
60. Dead Skeletons, 'Dead Mantra'
59. Willow Smith, 'Whip My Hair'
58. Frankie & The Heartstrings, 'Tender'
57. Interpol, 'Lights'
56. Sleigh Bells, 'Tell 'Em'
55. Gaggle, 'I Hear Flies'
54. Vampire Weekend, 'Giving Up The Gun'
53. Warpaint, 'Elephants'
52. Klaxons, 'Echoes'
51. Kelis, '4th Of July (Fireworks)'
50. Summer Camp, 'Ghost Train'
49. Crocodiles, 'Sleep Forever'
48. Mystery Jets, 'Dreaming Of Another World'
47. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, 'Round And Round'
46. Manic Street Preachers, '(It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love'
45. Liars, 'Scissor'
44. Biffy Clyro, 'Bubbles'
43. Darwin Deez, 'Constellations'
42. Robyn, 'Dancing On My Own'
41. Foals, 'This Orient'
40. Kele, 'Tenderoni'
39. Arcade Fire, 'Ready To Start'
38. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, 'Bang Bang Bang'
37. Glasser, 'Home'
36. Les Savy Fav, 'Sleepless In Silverlake'
35. The Knife, 'Colouring Of Pigeons'
34. Katy Perry Feat. Snoop Dogg, 'California Gurls'
33. Big Boi, 'Shutterbugg'
32. Klaxons, 'Flashover'
31. Cee Lo Green, 'Fuck You'
30. Yeasayer, 'O.N.E.'
29. My Chemical Romance, 'Na Na Na'
28. The Drums, 'Forever And Ever, Amen'
27. Tinie Tempah, 'Pass Out'
26. Magnetic Man Feat. Katy B, 'Perfect Stranger'
25. Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce, 'Telephone'.
24. Everything Everything, 'Schoolin''
23. LCD Soundsystem, 'I Can Change'
22. Yeasayer, 'Ambling Alp'
21. Avi Buffalo, 'What’s In It For?'
20. Kelis, 'Acapella'
19. Crystal Castles, 'Celestica'
18. Egyptian Hip Hop, 'Rad Pitt'
17. The National, 'Bloodbuzz Ohio'
16. Best Coast, 'Boyfriend'
15. Warpaint, 'Undertow'
14. These New Puritans, 'We Want War'
13. LCD Soundsystem, 'Drunk Girls'.
12. Factory Floor, 'Lying'
11. MIA, 'Born Free'
10. The Fall, 'Bury Pts 2+4'
9. Zola Jesus, 'Night'
8. Grinderman, 'Heathen Child'
7. Surfer Blood, 'Swim (To Reach The End)'
6. Gorillaz, 'Stylo'
5. Arcade Fire, 'We Used To Wait'
4. Kanye West, 'Power'
3. Janelle Monae, 'Tightrope'
2. MIA, 'XXXO'
1. Foals, 'Spanish Sahara'


Well, the songs list looks better than the albums one. Tightrope is top 3 of the year for sure, and We Used to Wait and Drunk Girls are both top 15 deserving picks. I just don't get why Stylo is considered the best track out of Plastic Beach. Rhinestone Eyes does much more for me.


I agree with your opinion on "Stylo." Same with "Tightrope" - "Cold War" strikes me as the far superior single on that album.


Mitchell Stirling
NME Tracks

Thanks Mitchell


i really can't take my eyes off of NME lists, there's always a rhino bazaaa hidden among all that rotten teeethy hippo swamp dung... so hooray for tedious brit cunt list squirts...