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Q Magazine 1001 songs

Hi Henrik, here is the link to the forthcoming Q issue, looks very similar to the one issued in 2004...
Oh, and there is also something for the soul aficionados in the latest MOJO issue entitled "70 Soul Albums of the 70's"...

Re: Q Magazine 1001 songs

...and it is available here...


Does it feature the list- or part of it- anywhere on the site or elsewhere?


get a hold of this yet? It has different contributors than the 2004 list, so could it be all that similar? Granted, a number of usual suspects probably appear on both.

I Read...

that Madonna only has one mention on this list, whereas acts like Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, etc. have lists dedicated to them? That's highly peculiar, since Q has given her lots of love through the years (and, she was one of the 5 essential artists when it ran that Ultimate Music Collection).

The scandal.