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Allmusic's 20 Essential Free Jazz Albums


Lennie Tristano, Intuition (Capitol)

Ornette Coleman, The Shape of Jazz to Come (Atlantic)

Ornette Coleman, Free Jazz (Atlantic)

Ornette Coleman, Dancing in Your Head (A&M)

John Coltrane, Ascension (Impulse),

John Coltrane, Live in Japan (Impulse)

Cecil Taylor, Jazz Advance (Blue Note)

Cecil Taylor, For Olim (A&M)

Eric Dolphy, Out to Lunch (Blue Note)

Archie Shepp, Four For Trane (Impulse)

Albert Ayler, At Slug's Saloon, Vols. 1 and 2 (ESP)

Roscoe Mitchell, Sound (Delmark)

Art Ensemble of Chicago, Full Force (ECM)

Anthony Braxton, The Complete Braxton (Arista)

World Saxophone Quartet, W.S.Q. (Black Saint)

Ganelin Trio, New Wine (Leo)

David Murray, Children (Black Saint)

Borah Bergman and Evan Parker, The Fire Tale (Soul Note)

Ronald Shannon Jackson, Barbeque Dog (Antilles)

Dave Douglas, Tiny Bell Trio (Hat Art)

9 Essential Books about Free Jazz

Four Lives in the Bebop Business, by A.B. Spellman (Limelight Editions, 1966)

The Freedom Principle: Jazz after 1958, by John Litweiler (Wm. Morrow, 1984)

Outcats, by Francis Davis (Oxford University Press, 1990)

Musical Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music, by Derek Bailey (Prentice Hall, 1980)

Forces in Motion: The Music and Thoughts of Anthony Braxton, by Graham Lock (DaCapo, 1988)

Ornette Coleman: A Harmolodic Life, by John Litweiler (Wm. Morrow, 1992)

Chasin' the Trane, by J.C. Thomas (DaCapo, 1975)

Free Jazz, by Ekkehard Jost (DaCapo,1974)

Re: Allmusic's 20 Essential Free Jazz Albums

o whoops, disregard the 9 books part, that should not be thar