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The Popdose 100

Hi Henrik, I found this list today...I thought you might be interested considering the inclusion of their EOD lists!


Re: The Popdose 100


I really liked this list at a first glance, since it's not trying to be "cool" and favours a good tune. Then I realised that the only single past 1991 is "The Rising". Okay...

Not Only That...

but, only 5 female tracks? Geesh, just when one hopes to see more female representation on lists...

Re: Not Only That...

I remember you saying that sometimes you "blanked out" (?)some songs for a certain period in order not to harm the cohesiveness of the master list; maybe you can do the same here! just keep the period 1950-1991!
Who says that's cheating?

Re: Not Only That...

I am.