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Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

The best 50 albums of 2009 according to Rock Zone staff were published in issue #55 on January of 2010 (sorry for the looong delay, I simply forgot to post it):
1. MASTODON “Crack the Skye”
2. CONVERGE “Axe to Fall”
3. GALLOWS “Grey Britain”
4. RANCID “Let the Dominoes Fall”
5. WOLFMOTHER “Cosmic Egg”
6. BRAND NEW “Daisy”
7. BARONESS “Blue Record”
8. THEM CROOKED VULTURES “Them Crooked Vultures”
9. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE “Merriweather Post Pavilion”
10. THURSDAY “Common Existence”
11. ALICE IN CHAINS “Black Gives Way to Blue”
12. BIFFY CLYRO “Only Revolutions”
13. THE MARS VOLTA “Octahedron”
14. LAMB OF GOD “Wrath”
15. MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA “Mean Everything to Nothing”
16. MUSE “The Resistance”
17. EVERY TIME I DIE “New Junk Aesthetic”
18. NAPALM DEATH “Time Waits for No Slave”
19. THE PRODIGY “Invaders Must Die”
20. PORCUPINE TREE “The Incident”
21. PEARL JAM “Backspacer”
22. ISIS “Wavering Radiant”
23. THE JIM JONES REVUE “The Jim Jones Revue”
24. PARAMORE “brand new eyes”
25. THE LOW ANTHEM “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin”
26. KYLESSA “Static Tensions”
27. HEAVEN & HELL “The Devil You Know”
28. DREDG “The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion”
29. JAY REATARD “Watch Me Fall”
30. MEGADETH “Endgame”
31. AFI “Crash Love”
32. PROPAGANDHI “Supporting Caste”
34. SLAYER “World Painted Blood”
35. POLAR BEAR CLUB “Chasing Hamburg”
36. JELLO BIAFRA… “The Audacity of Hype”
38. IMMORTAL “All Shall Fall”
39. MUNICIPAL WASTE “Massive Agressive”
42. DOOMRIDERS “Darkness Come Alive”
43. THRICE “Beggars”
44. JOE HENRY “Blood From Stars”
45. FRANK TURNER “Poetry of the Deed”
46. GREEN DAY “21st Century Breakdown”
47. PARADISE LOST “Faith Divide Us – Faith Unite Us”
48. WEEZER “Raditude”
49. THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart”
50. IN CASE OF FIRE “Align the Planets”

And the best Spanish albums:
2. MULETRAIN “Crashbeat”
3. SOU EDIPO “Podría ser en cualquier lugar”
4. HAMLET “La puta y el diablo”
5. THE EYES “Insignis”
6. G.A.S. DRUMMERS “Decalogy”
7. ‘77 “21st Century Rock”
8. MOTOCICLÓN “Costras y tachuelas”
9. TOKYO SEX DESTRUCTION “The Neighbourhood”
11. BARRICADA “La tierra está sorda”
12. TEMPLETON “Exposición universal”
13. READ MY LIPS “News for the Afflicted”
14. CAPSULA “Rising Mountains”
15. ESTIRPE “Buenos días voluntad”
16. HZERO “Caña antigua”
17. THE RIPPERS “Seeds of the New Dawn”
18. DISHAMMER “Vintage Addiction”
19. DESPUÉS DE TODO “La voz de la inocencia”
20. MORGANA VS. MORGANA “Sol invicto”
21. BAD WAY “Dead Letters”
22. THE SUNDAY DRIVERS “The End of Maiden Trip”
23. ORTHODOX “Sentencia”
25. APHONIC “6 bajo par”

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

Honorio, are you adding these to the EOY spreadsheet? When you do, don't forget the Soundi (Finland) list, which was the last one posted here a few weeks back.

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

yeah I noticed some of the last few EOY's that have been posted haven't been added. I guess more attention is being given to the EOD list but I really liked 09 so I hope these EOY's bring many of the great albums of 09 into the top 200 of the 00s.

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

Nope, sorry I'm not sure of how to do this in fact.

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

Nope, sorry I'm not sure of how to do this in fact.

Aaarrrggghhh!!! I can't believe I did this - Otisredding is the one who worked on the EOY spreadsheet, not you. Sorry!

Where's Otis been, anyway? If he's not around, I suppose I could add the Soundi and RockZone lists and update the EOY list.

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

I will be grateful for the job, whoever does it.

And yeah, Otis I miss you!

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

I will be grateful for the job, whoever does it.

Done and sent.

Re: Rock Zone Best albums of 2009

Many many thanks Harold. And sorry for not trying to do it myself, it's probably easy. I'll do it next time...