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Slant Magazine top Singles of the 00's

Started today, maybe next week they release the albums list. Last week they released the top music videos.

Today #100-81
Tomorrow #80-61
Link: http://www.slantmagazine.com/music/feature/best-of-the-aughts-singles/214/page_1

100. M.I.A., "Sunshowers."
99. Arcade Fire, "Keep the Car Running."
98. Ciara, "Like a Boy." W
97. The Ting Tings, "That's Not My Name."
96. Gorillaz, "Clint Eastwood."
95. Ludacris, "Roll Out (My Business)."
94. Bat for Lashes, "Daniel."
93. Coldplay, "Clocks."
92. The Streets, "Weak Become Heroes."
91. Cut Copy, "Hearts on Fire."
90. Arctic Monkeys, "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor."
89. Panda Bear, "Bro's."
88. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Zero."
87. Jamie Lidell, "Multiply."
86. Kanye West, "Diamonds from Sierra Leone."
85. The Pipettes, "Pull Shapes."
84. The Knife, "Silent Shout."
83. Queens of the Stone Age, " No One Knows."
82. Missy Elliott featuring Eve, "4 My People."
81. R. Kelly, "Ignition (Remix)."

Re: Slant Magazine top Singles of the 00's

Picture: Gwen Stefani

80. Radiohead, "There There."
79. Jimmy Eat World, "The Middle."
78. Lady Gaga, "Poker Face."
77. Lindstrøm, "I Feel Space."
76. Lady Tron, "Destroy Everything You Touch."
75. Robyn, "Be Mine!"
74. Lil Wayne, "A Milli."
73. Animal Collective, "My Girls."
72. Ciara featuring Ludacris, "Oh."
71. Three 6 Mafia, "Stay Fly."
70. Daft Punk, "Harder Better Faster Stronger."
69. The White Stripes, "My Doorbell."
68. Jay-Z featuring UGK, "Big Pimpin'."
67. Portishead, "Machine Gun."
66. Kanye West, "Jesus Walks."
65. Björk, "Pagan Poetry."
64. Missy Elliott, "Pass That Dutch."
63. Rihanna, "SOS."
62. Christina Aguilera featuring Redman, "Dirrty."
61. Gwen Stefani, " What You Waiting For?"

Re: Slant Magazine top Singles of the 00's


67. Portishead, "Machine Gun."

This is perhaps my least favorite song on Third. I have no clue why this turned into the universal pick for #1. Magic Doors and The Rip are much better singles imo.

Re: Slant Magazine top Singles of the 00's

This is shaping up to be an interesting list. A lot of songs I really love have already popped up ("Pagan Poetry", "Daniel", "Zero", "What You Waiting For"), so I'm eager to see what's next! That said, there are a few real head-scratchers in there, too.

If Her Madgesty...

doesn't feature on this list, it will be VERY surprising. At the least, "Hung Up" should appear.

Thanks, HRS.

Re: Slant Magazine top Singles of the 00's

Might be more practical to keep it all in one post. I'll keep editing this one.

100. M.I.A., "Sunshowers"
99. Arcade Fire, "Keep the Car Running"
98. Ciara, "Like a Boy"
97. The Ting Tings, "That's Not My Name"
96. Gorillaz, "Clint Eastwood"
95. Ludacris, "Roll Out (My Business)"
94. Bat for Lashes, "Daniel"
93. Coldplay, "Clocks"
92. The Streets, "Weak Become Heroes"
91. Cut Copy, "Hearts on Fire"
90. Arctic Monkeys, "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor"
89. Panda Bear, "Bro's"
88. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Zero"
87. Jamie Lidell, "Multiply"
86. Kanye West, "Diamonds from Sierra Leone"
85. The Pipettes, "Pull Shapes"
84. The Knife, "Silent Shout"
83. Queens of the Stone Age, " No One Knows"
82. Missy Elliott featuring Eve, "4 My People"
81. R. Kelly, "Ignition (Remix)"
80. Radiohead, "There There"
79. Jimmy Eat World, "The Middle"
78. Lady Gaga, "Poker Face"
77. Lindstrøm, "I Feel Space"
76. Lady Tron, "Destroy Everything You Touch"
75. Robyn, "Be Mine!"
74. Lil Wayne, "A Milli"
73. Animal Collective, "My Girls"
72. Ciara featuring Ludacris, "Oh"
71. Three 6 Mafia, "Stay Fly"
70. Daft Punk, "Harder Better Faster Stronger"
69. The White Stripes, "My Doorbell"
68. Jay-Z featuring UGK, "Big Pimpin'"
67. Portishead, "Machine Gun"
66. Kanye West, "Jesus Walks"
65. Björk, "Pagan Poetry"
64. Missy Elliott, "Pass That Dutch"
63. Rihanna, "SOS"
62. Christina Aguilera featuring Redman, "Dirrty"
61. Gwen Stefani, " What You Waiting For?"
60. Aaliyah, "Try Again"
59. Janet Jackson, "Feedback"
58. LCD Soundsystem, "Someone Great"
57. MGMT, "Time to Pretend"
56. Usher, "Yeah!"
54. The Hives, "Hate to Say I Told You So"
53. The Avalanches, "Since I Left You"
52. Daft Punk, "Digital Love"
51. Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, "Get Low"
50. !!!, "Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard"
49. LCD Soundsystem, "Losing My Edge"
48. The Killers, "Mr. Brightside"
47. TV on the Radio, "Wolf Like Me"
46. Kelis, "Milkshake"
45. The Rapture, "House of Jealous Lovers"
44. Robyn, "With Every Heartbeat"
43. Vitalic, "My Friend Dario"
42. Radiohead, "Idioteque"
41. The White Stripes, "Fell In Love with a Girl"
40. D'Angelo, "Untitled (How Does It Feel)"
39. Hot Chip, "Over and Over"
38. The Streets, "Let's Push Things Forward"
37. LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends"
36. Madonna, "Hung Up"
35. Spoon, "The Way We Get By"
34. Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx, "Gold Digger"
33. Madonna, "Don't Tell Me"
32. The Chemical Brothers, "Star Guitar"
31. Eminem, "Lose Yourself"
30. The Avalanches, "Frontier Psychiatrist"
29. Missy Elliott, "Work It"
28. Sigur Rós, "Svefn-G-Enblar"
27. Modest Mouse, "Float On"
26. Annie, "Chewing Gum"
25. Madonna, "Music"
24. Justin Timberlake featuring T.I., "My Love"
23. Daft Punk, "One More Time"
22. OutKast, "Hey Ya!"
21. Aaliyah featuring Timbaland, "We Need a Resolution"
20. The Knife, "Heartbeats"
19. M.I.A., "Galang" (1982)"
18. The White Stripes, "Seven Nation Army"
17. Britney Spears, "Toxic"
16. Hercules and Love Affair, "Blind"
15. Clipse, "Grindin'"
14. OutKast, "Ms. Jackson"
13. Kelly Clarkson, "Since U Been Gone"
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Maps.
11. Franz Ferdinand, "Take Me Out"
10. Dizzee Rascal, "I Luv U"
9. Justin Timberlake, "Cry Me a River"
8. Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy"
7. Missy Elliott, "Get Ur Freak On"
6. Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z, "Crazy In Love"
5. Rihanna featuring Jay-Z, "Umbrella"
4. OutKast, "B.O.B"
3. Kylie Minogue, "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
2. M.I.A., "Paper Planes"
1. Jay-Z, "99 Problems"

I'll Let Stephan...

post 21-40, which ucrrently is on the site.

Her Madgesty has three tracks within the 21-40 range.

25. "Music"
33. "Don't Tell Me"
36. "Hung Up"

That should be it- none of her other 2000s releases should be cracking the top 20. We should be seeing "Can't Get You Out of My Head," "Toxic," etc.

Re: I'll Let Stephan...

post 21-40, which ucrrently is on the site.

Her Madgesty has three tracks within the 21-40 range.

25. "Music"
33. "Don't Tell Me"
36. "Hung Up"

That should be it- none of her other 2000s releases should be cracking the top 20. We should be seeing "Can't Get You Out of My Head," "Toxic," etc.

"Don't Tell Me" is Madonna's most overrated song. I'd have preferred that slot go to something like "Nothing Fails" or "Jump".

How Can It Be...

overrated? It's not like it's on every list. It's a good track.

When "Nothing Fails" first was out, I loved it. I still like it, but not as much- it really is a slowed-down sister of "Don't Tell Me," sonically. "Jump," I really like.

Do we have guesses for the top 20 (not in any particular order)?

Re: How Can It Be...

I guess I don't really like the Music era much- it felt like a watered down retread of Ray of Light to me. There are a few great songs on there ("Impressive Instant", "Paradise (Not for Me)") and a few other decent songs, but I flat out dislike "Don't Tell Me".

On the flipside, I actually quite love most of American Life.

As for the top 20, I'd say the following look likely to appear:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Maps"
Franz Ferdinand- "Take Me Out"
M.I.A.- "Paper Planes"
Rihanna- "Umbrella"
Kylie Minogue- "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
Britney Spears- "Toxic"
Missy Elliott- "Get Ur Freak On"

"Chewing Gum" was a surprise for me, so I'm hoping "Heartbeat" cracks the top 20.


moved things to a more electro-folk arena, though. American Life, to me, is the larger retread- the first time she had just one production collaborator on an album (since Like a Virgin). And while it was even more folky in spots than Music, there wasn't much of a creative difference.

I can see Annie's "Heartbeat" ranking in the top 20.

I would expect to see "Since U Been Gone' in the top 20, as well. Wonder if Lady Gaga will have something- Slant didn't include any of her videos in its 50 Best Videos of the 2000s.

Re: Music...

Guys i'm so sorry i stopped posting the rest of the list! I'm so busy at school this week! This list is cool so far. I hope the top 20 is interesting! Tomorrow we'll know and hopefully they will finally release their top 100 albums list! It's the only one these days that has a chance to include a Fiona Apple album or Ys inside the top 20! And maybe Beach House's Devotion inside the top 100! Loving their new album by the way, i'm also loving There Is Love in You, Romance Is Boring, Broken Bells self titled and Odd Blood. Liking, so far, Hidden, Surfer Blood's Astro Coast & that new Corinne Bailey Rae (it's good). Charlotte Gainsbourg's & Vampire Weekend's sophomore albums were also great record i listened this month. Yeah, many great records released and to be released this year. 2010 sounds like good shit! School can wait =]

Re: Music...

I hate some of their mainstream pop/hip-hop inclusions. Who really thinks "Get Low" is better than "Since I Left You" or "Digital Love"?

Top 20 Is Up...

How could I have forgotten the two "Crazy" songs- 'Crazy" and "Crazy in Love," when mentioning some of the obvious ones?

That "99 Problems" is killin' it.

Re: Top 20 Is Up...

I'm a little bummed that "Heartbeat" didn't make the top 20, but overall, I like this list a lot.

Re: Top 20 Is Up...

They added singles 100-250 without commentary:

101. Kanye West, “Flashing Lights”
102. M.I.A., “Bucky Done Gun”
103. Nelly Furtado featuring Timabland, “Promiscuous”
104. Phoenix, “If I Ever Feel Better”
105. The White Stripes, “Hotel Yorba”
106. Madonna, “Sorry”
107. Kelly Osbourne, “One Word”
108. Hot Chip, “And I Was a Boy from School”
109. Clipse, “Wamp Wamp (What It Do)”
110. Destiny’s Child, “Lose My Breath”
111. Erykah Badu, “Bag Lady”
112. Erykah Badu, “Back in the Day (Puff)”
113. Dixie Chicks, “Long Time Gone”
114. Annie, “The Greatest Hit”
115. The Walkmen, “The Rat”
116. Basement Jaxx, “Romeo”
117. Big & Rich, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)”
118. Annie, “My Heartbeat”
119. The Roots featuring Cody ChesnuTT, “The Seed 2.0″
120. Aeroplane featuring Kathy Diamond, “Whispers”
121. Metro Area, “Miura”
122. Beyoncé, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
123. Trisha Yearwood, “Where Are You Now”
124. Fabolous, “Breathe”
125. Robbie Williams, “Rock DJ”
126. Spoon, “The Underdog”
127. Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham, “In the Morning”
128. Eminem, “The Way I Am”
129. The Chemical Brothers, “Come with Us”
130. Arcade Fire, “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”
131. Miranda Lambert, “Kerosene”
132. Art Brut, “Formed a Band”
133. Patrick Wolf, “The Libertine”
134. !!!, “Heart of Hearts”
135. Sugababes, “Freak Like Me”
136. Patrick Wolf, “Vulture”
137. Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”
138. Panda Bear “Comfy in Nautica”
139. 50 Cent, “In Da Club”
140. M83, “Graveyard Girl”
141. Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”
142. Vanessa Carlton, “White Houses”
143. Panjabi MC featuring Jay-Z, “Mundian to Bach Ké (Beware of the Boys)”
144. Antony and the Johnsons, “Hope There’s Someone”
145. M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade, “Body Language”
146. Green Velvet, “La La Land”
147. Patrick Wolf, “The Magic Position”
148. The Killers, “All These Things That I’ve Done”
149. Ciara, “Promise”
150. Marc Broussard, “Home”
151. Mandy Moore, “In My Pocket”
152. Hanson, “If Only”
153. Kylie Minogue, “Slow”
154. John Vanderslice, “Exodus Damage”
155. Aesop Rock, “Daylight”
156. Theo Parrish, “Solitary Flight”
157. Santogold, “L.E.S. Artistes”
158. PJ Harvey, “Good Fortune”
159. Dirty Projectors, “Stillness Is the Move”
160. Maximo Park, “Apply Some Pressure”
161. Ryan Adams, “New York, New York”
162. Jens Lekman, “Maple Leaves”
163. NSync, “Bye Bye Bye”
164. The Cardigans, “You’re the Storm”
165. Battles, “Atlas”
166. M83, “Run Into Flowers”
167. The Gaslight Anthem, “The ‘59 Sound”
168. Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z, “Upgrade U”
169. Arcade Fire, “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”
170. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, “Young Adult Friction”
171. Alicia Keys, “You Don’t Know My Name”
172. Björk, “Cocoon”
173. Mclusky, “She Will Only Bring You Happiness”
174. Madonna, “Get Together”
175. Rage Against the Machine, “Testify”
176. Les Savy Fav, “The Sweat Descends”
177. Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder and Lead”
178. Goldfrapp, “Lovely Head”
179. Amadou and Mariam, “Sabali”
180. Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Róisín Murphy, “The Truth”
181. Lil’ Kim featuring Mr. Cheeks and Timbaland, “The Jump Off”
182. Erykah Badu, “The Healer”
183. Squarepusher, “My Red Hot Car”
184. Basement Jaxx, “Where’s Your Head At?”
185. Alicia Keys, “No One”
186. Goldfrapp, “Strict Machine”
187. TV on the Radio, “Staring at the Sun”
188. Nikka Costa, “Like a Feather”
189. Dr. Dre, “Forgot About Dre”
190. Kate Nash, “Foundations”
191. M83, “Kim and Jessie”
192. The Chemical Brothers featuring Q-Tip, “Galvanize”
193. Janet Jackson, “All for You”
194. Nicole Atkins, “The Way It Is”
195. Khia, “Lick It (My Neck, My Back)”
196. Junior Senior, “Move Your Feet”
197. The Flaming Lips, “Fight Test”
198. Nelly Furtado, “Powerless (Say What You Want)”
199. The White Stripes “The Hardest Button to Push”
200. Jay-Z, “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”
201. Britney Spears, “Womanizer”
202. Hot Chip, “Ready for the Floor”
203. LCD Soundsystem, “Yeah”
204. Múm, “The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records”
205. Crystal Castles “Courtship Date”
206. Radiohead, “Pyramid Song”
207. Marah, “Point Breeze”
208. Lil’ Kim featuring Sisqo, “How Many Licks”
209. PJ Harvey, “This Is Love”
210. Destiny’s Child, “Bootylicious”
211. Scissor Sisters “Take Your Mama Out”
212. The Cardigans, “For What It’s Worth”
213. Röyksopp, “Eple”
214. Akufen, “Psychometry 3.0″
215. Kelis, “Young, Fresh N’ New”
216. Common, “The Light”
217. Calvin Harris, “Acceptable in the 80s”
218. Mariah Carey, “We Belong Together”
219. Interpol, “NYC”
220. Patrick Wolf, “Accident & Emergency”
221. Jazmine Sullivan, “Bust Your Windows”
222. Beirut, “Postcards from Italy”
223. Underworld, “Two Months Off”
224. Ludacris, “Southern Hospitality”
225. Franz Ferdinand, “The Fallen”
226. Beyoncé, “Ring the Alarm”
227. Peter Bjorn and John, “Young Folks”
228. Mary J. Blige featuring Eve, “Not Today”
229. Meshell Ndegeocello featuring Redman and Tweet, “Pocketbook (Rockwilder & Missy Elliott Remix)”
230. DNTEL, “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan”
231. Bat for Lashes, “Sleep Alone”
232. The Hold Steady, “Stuck Between Stations”
233. Hanson, “Penny & Me”
234. Res, “Golden Boys”
235. M.I.A., “Jimmy”
236. Madonna, “Die Another Day”
237. X-Press 2 featuring David Byrne, “Lazy”
238. Jens Lekman, “Opposite of Hallelujah”
239. MGMT, “Electric Feel”
240. Ghostface Killah, “Cherchez LaGhost”
241. Moby, “I Love to Move in Here”
242. The Flaming Lips, “Do You Realize”
243. Tom Waits, “Lie to Me”
244. The Killers, “When You Were Young”
245. The New Pornographers, “Letter from an Occupant”
246. The Strokes, “Someday”
247. Liars, “Plaster Casts of Everything”
248. Amp Fiddler, “Ridin”
249. Yo La Tengo, “Mr. Tough”
250. System of a Down, “B.Y.O.B.”