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EOD Starpulse Best albums of the Decade


Re: EOD Starpulse Best albums of the Decade

Not eligible, as it is not based on what they think is best.

Remember, we are dealing with Greatest - not Best, not Favorite - but Greatest. Here's a refresher on the five determining factors that make an album the greatest:

Appeal - How well-liked something is by the masses. Simply put, how many people consider it their "favorite".

Acclaim - How the critics and cognoscente evaluated something. In other words, how often it is considered the "best".

Popluarity - Very simple - how many people experienced this piece of pop culture in the way it would be consumed.

Zeitgeist - How much something enters the public discourse. Catchphrases, clichés and a general buzzing determine this category.

Influence/Originality - Pretty much speaks for itself - One thing's impact on those that come after it is crucial in determining greatness.


best and greatest mean pretty much the same thing, but since this site outlined everything as it has, I agree that it shouldn't be included- especially as one of the criteria is how *other* critics view it.

It's one thing to say, "the hits we think were the best of the decade," or, "this is our picks for the most influential/best of the decade," or something along those lines, but this has too many factors other than their own thoughts.