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EOD Repubblica (Italiy)


Radiohead – Kid A

Antony and The Johnson – I’m a bird now

Amy Winehouse – Back to black

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Ben Harper – Diamonds on the inside

Bob Dylan – Love and theft

Eminem – The Marshall Matter Lp

Strokes – Is this it

Bjork - Medulla

Manu Chao – Proxima Estacion Esperanza


Subsonica - Amorematico

Afterhours - Ballate per piccole iene

Ivano Fossati - Lampo viaggiatore

Jovanotti - Safari

Caparezza - Habemus Capa

Baustelle – La malavita

Elio e le Storie Tese - Cicciput

Carmen Consoli - Elettra

Vinicio Capossela – Ovunque Proteggi

Tiziano Ferro – 111

Re: EOD Repubblica (Italiy)

Eligibility verdict, Henrik?

Re: EOD Repubblica (Italiy)

Giuseppe, is this a magazine in print? If not, please provide a web link. Thanks.

Re: EOD Repubblica (Italiy)

This is a huge newspaper in Italy (second-biggest) and the website (repubblica.it) is also one of the biggest in Italy in terms of visitors.

Re: EOD Repubblica (Italiy)

OK, then it's eligible, assuming that it's not a one-writer thing.