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EOY Morningstar (UK) Albums


Emmy The Great- First Love (Absolute)
Bill Callahan- Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (Drag City)
Noah And The Whale- The First Days Of Spring (Mercury)
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard- 'Em Are I (Rough Trade)
Son Volt- American Central Dust (Rounder)
Nancy Elizabeth- Wrought Iron (The Leaf)
Lisa Germano- Magic Neighbor (Young God)
Jackie Oates- Hyperboreans (One Little Indian)
Animal Kingdom- Signs And Wonders (Warner)

Re: EOY Morningstar (UK) Albums

I'd be highly surprised if this is eligible - it just seems to be nine writers each weighing in on a particular album he or she likes.

Re: EOY Morningstar (UK) Albums

Not eligible then.