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Vibrations (Switzerland) : a DIFFERENT EOY list

A great Swiss magazine devoted to ALL kinds of music and not only hip electro-pop from Brooklyn, indie groups and Radiohead clones like 90 % of the critics.

Sorry, no Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or that awful Flaming Lips album here, but there's Fever Ray. I guess that's what they call eclectism.

Why do 90 % of the EOY lists end up with the same groups and styles (mostly indie and the legal hip hop quota) ?

I mean if you listen to this site's recent EOY lists it is not Acclaimed MUSIC anymore, but Acclaimed INDIE ROCK.

... and as usual this post will get 0 answers...

These guys are SANE : they don't rank albums or give them ratings like 8.72/10


Allen Toussaint - The Bright Mississippi
Melody Gardot – My One And Only Thrill
Keith Jarrett – Paris/London : Testament
Courtney Pine : Transition in Tradition
Roberto Fonseca – Akokan


Fever Ray – Fever Ray
The Very Best – Warm Heart Of africa
Dam-Funk – Toeachizown
El Hijo De La Cumbia – Freestyle de Ritmos
Omar Souleyman – Highway To Hassake


Caetano Veloso – Zii E Zie (Brazil)
Miguel Poveda – Coplas dal querer (Spain)
Tinariwen – Imidiwan : Companions (Mali)
Les Espoirs de Coronthie – Thinkiyi (Guinea)
Sunil Dev Shestra – The Music Of Sunil Dev (Nepal)


Lee Fields & the Expressions – My World
Calvin Richardson – Facts of Life, The Soul Of Bobby Womack
Maxwell – BLACKSummers’night
Laura Izibor – Let The Truth Be Told
Candi staton – Who’s Hurting now ?

Hip Hop

IsWhat ?! – Big Apetite
Q-Tip – The Renaissance/Kaamaal The Abstract
Anti-Pop Consortium – Fluorescent Black
Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon : the End Of Day
Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt 2


Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid
Peter Doherty – Waste/Graceland
Wilco – Wilco (The album)
Lhasa – Lhasa
Bosque Brown - Baby

Re: Vibrations (Switzerland) : a DIFFERENT EOY list

I'm out of touch with most of what's on this list, but I'm out of touch with most of what's on all the lists this year.

Re: Vibrations (Switzerland) : a DIFFERENT EOY list

yeah me too

Re: Vibrations (Switzerland) : a DIFFERENT EOY list

very nice way of presenting things, The Wire does something similar, apart from its EOY list.
Shame it's not eligable for AM this way. I think if they were a little less serious about the genres, they could throw all these albums into one eclectic list.

Re: Vibrations (Switzerland) : a DIFFERENT EOY list

It is eligible. Definitely eligible I'd say, as it covers all genres of music better than most critics' lists.

Re: Vibrations (Switzerland) : a DIFFERENT EOY list

Good stuff. I've heard exactly 1 album off every list except for rock, but the ones I did hear are excellent.