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Wake up from your slumber!.. Struggle against the DemocraZional AbuserPragmatists! Wake-up, Folks!..

Wake up from your slumber!.. Struggle against the DemocraZional AbuserPragmatists!
Wake-up, Folks!.. We must be like one-heart, awakened-united against Jewish Imperialism!
- Human Heritage is under attack!
- Not only in the USA! Not only in the Europe! Indeed, it's the forbidden truth everywhere: whole World still under Zionist occupation/ freak Jewish manipulation and incredible performed brainwashing projects...
- JWO-JewWorldOrder is the globalized Holocaust, global danger over whole Humanity!


Saga-related quote:
"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."/-Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT

Behind of several BIG A$$A$$INAzion detected same executor so called the BIG dirty BU$INE$$ of bloody NATO &Co. weapon industry dealers


Related additionally info for more detailed further documentary clip examples: Jan AXELSSON (chief of the Flashback Mafia online) is selling stolen materials+documents, who bought almost by gypsies. You can find more scary scandal subjects (if you pay well) by this freak Mafia, available info on the so called Flashback.Se
Yes, Flashback gangsters (menthally idiotics) demasking themselves and selling everything i.e. drug+weapon+child porno, too...

Dictator Tahrip ERBOGAN's BOP (Great Israel Prject in the MidEast) mission is the real Zionist Federation project of Jew-driven NATO.
NATO gave this mission to the cheap "very-willing" catchboy (Green Mason) bluff-muslim irrAcaip Tahrip ERBOGAN.
TurCIA is the biggest Zionist Elimination Camp in the whole MidEast; there are all kind hired figures in thus embezzlement paradise. There are incredible cheap polit-whoores and these instruemts are more cynically than professionally at-rmy staff. These whoores are more freak than Mossad ... more dangerous than whole Usrael. It's very important difference between professinally agents and willing agents; the second one can't deal any reliable contract with any "officially" power.
- The first one machinery never bit it's own tail!
- Exactly, it's true!



Jewish bittch Aaron PINO

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