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"Sushi pair charged with smuggling Chinese children", reported on 27th April 2006 - Let's watch!

"Sushi pair charged with smuggling Chinese children", reported on 27th April 2006 - Let's watch!
- A Chinese couple, a 44 year old man and a 31 year old woman, have been indicted at Stockholm district court on charges of human trafficking.

The suspects, who run a Stockholm sushi restaurant, are suspected of helping 46 Chinese children to illegally enter and pass through Sweden. The charges relate to incidents from February to November 2005.

According to the prosecutor, the couple collaborated with other people outside of Sweden and the motive behind the trafficking was profit.

The planning behind the operation took place not only in Sweden but also in China and France.

The couple, who were arrested in November, received and harboured the children while they awaited transport out of Sweden. They also arranged passports and paid for flights from Sweden to France and Italy.

The prosecution says that the man instructed children how to behave during their trips to and from Sweden.

Police and prosecutors classified the crime as serious, since it was an organised operation over a long period of time. The prosecution described how a large number of vulnerable young people were professionally smuggled into Sweden.

The children, who are aged 12-15, all gave stereotypical and unspontaneous reasons for why they left their homeland. The most common response was that their parents were dead and the relatives could no longer take care of them.

They all had similar clothes and were without travel documents. The children had around 10,000 kronor each and were given mobile telephones. After a short time at a refugee centre several of the children disappeared, probably following instructions given to them by mobile phone.

Police are no closer to finding out where they are, but they are thought to have been forced into work.

The couple have been prosecuted previously for fraud, after they were discovered to have tampered with their restaurant's cash till.
- ECPAT wasn't aware?
- What?! I am the first one who informed ECPAT. Estimately there are 200 Chinese and Vietnamese children disappeared in Laponia. Both the NGUYEN aand Chinese collaborators smuggled these children
- I can not smuggle a little cat over so many countries.. How can 200 children transported over so many borders...
- Swedish authorities involved...
- What did ECPAT administration?
- Accused...
- Accused them?
- No!.. Swedish ECPAT threat me because of my tongue "was very long" and I couldn't be "blind on their corruptional affairs"...
- ?!

- It's Sweden's Jew-driven ECPAT, which sold my children in the beginning, says Muoi Huynh NGUYEN from Nackstavägen 16 E, Child Brothel Center in SUNDSVALL city

It's sadistic torture, it's not sex- Yes, because all these insmuggled children are not NGUYEN's children.. Migartionsverket Board should be inspected, How this whoore Huynh Muoi NGUYEN created 26 children...
- Somebody should ask!
- Ask! Then you been attacked not the importer criminals... Sweden is such bordello

SweCIA PornoKingdom's jew-driven ECPATselling stolen children to the Masonry sect VIP molesters...
Nearly half of Chinese asylum-seekers disappear from reception centres, reported on 30 april 2006: More than 40 percent of asylum applications of Chinese citizens during the past three years have either been cancelled, or the would-be refugees have disappeared before a decision on their application has been made. The group includes a number of children arriving alone in Finland.
Jaakko Sonck of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says that some of them may have been brought into Finland illegally, and that there may be victims of human trafficking among them.

The Directorate of Immigration has handled the asylum applications of 83 Chinese between 2003 and 2005. In 35 cases, the applications lapsed after the applicant had disappeared.
The proportion of applications taht lapse is exceptionally high among the Chinese. Among all asylum-seekers it is just 11 percent.
Susanne Tengman of the Directorate of Immigration believes that in most of the cases, applicants have either disappeared from the reception centres, or have cancelled their applications. This group includes ten underage children who arrived in Finland without a parent or guardian.
Seven such children disappeared from one reception centre in the same day - November 22nd, 2003, and three others disappeared earlier this year.

The NBI’s Jaakko Sonck says that the large number of lapsed applications suggests misuse of the asylum system. At the very least, he believes that organised illegal entry is involved.
"It is most likely that there are also cases in which trafficking in humans might come into the picture. People can end up working at jobs that they did not want to apply for", he believes.
Sonck also feels that Finland and the other Nordic Countries are used as mere transit points in the smuggling of illegal Chinese immigrants, whose final destination is generally some other country in the Schengen zone.
Many of them end up in cities of Central and Southern Europe that have large Chinese communities.
Some might also move on to the United States or Canada.

Sonck says that the phenomenon is familiar in all Nordic Countries. The most recent case involves the arrest of a Chinese couple in Stockholm, suspected of trying to smuggle four Chinese children under the age of 15 to Italy or France.
Prosecutors say that the children were being taken to "horrifying conditions", and that the couple had planned to smuggle another 11 Chinese children later.
There was no immediate connection between the Swedish case and Finland.
According to the independent sources, police and immigration officials in Sweden had found that the children were carrying about EUR 1,000, and a mobile phone SIM card had been sewed into their clothing. This would have allowed the children to buy a mobile phone to make calls for further travel instructions.
Jew-ruled SweCIA Kingdom still importing stolen Asian children under faked asylum id cards; it's cynically betrayal and freak crime against whole humanity! Sweden is a fake democracy which driving shame markets, still importing stolen children.
- I know about related shame affairs... Actually, illegal marketizing driven almost by the chiefs of Migration Board and all cheifs are the pedofil bitcch criminals...
And SweCIA PornoKingdom's jew-driven Arbetsförmedling is selling younger gay-prosttitute poor jobseekers to the molosters of NWO markets...


This is an international market... You say ECPAT; but ECPAT is not only one, which invlved dirty markets... Sve the Children (Raedda Barnen), SIDA members, who use several fake passpports, playing giantic role in such giantic smuggle and trafficking... China informs, theer are parents of children who are selling their own children...
- Like Mammele Muoi Huynh NGUYEN, who began to sell her own children in Sundsvall city.
- Definitely!.. You know, Raoul WALLENBERG was famous faker, to sell fake passports... It's traditionally Jewish work to produce fake paper... This last scandal is simply a circle of chain... A Chinese newspaper has reported that more than 50 suspects have been arrested for their involvement in the ring, which allegedly schemed to buy and sell at least 100 children. The suspects are accused of selling the children for the equivalent of $110 to $165 each to orphanages. The orphanages then allegedly resold the children to other orphanages and childless parents for up to $4,200. Some of the children were reported to have been abducted from their parents. The allegations of a baby-smuggling have shaken North American families, prompting them to question whether their children were legitimately obtained and whether they should continue to donate thousands of dollars to Chinese orphanages.
Mammele Muoi Huynh NGUYEN sells all above imported (almost little lolita-girls-boys) child-whoores in Sweden's Jew-driven brothels-files

- Comrade "F" prepared a documentary clip for Tv Independent Laponia, in Svedich language...
- Wonderful!.. Let's watch!..

Pedofiles in the Jew-ruled SweCIA PornonKingdom's Royal Bordellos which still importing stolen Viet-Thai-Korean children for cynically aims of NWO
The time goes quickly and Muoi Huynh NGUYEN clan-members continue to smuggle hired-children to SweCIA PornoKingdom and they selling children to the financially power, pedofiles of NWO, human body organ harvesting private hospitals, stolen organ transplantation laboratories worldwide..
- What is the opinion of Swedish people?
- Swedish people has no opinion on anything, but BONNIERS-medial drug effects...
- ?!
- I'll continue to explain in Vietnamese language!
- You are welcome!
- Also, these thieves as most competent to engage in prostitution in Scandinavia became more and more like vista mostly in Sundsvall-City.
- The reason?
- Mammele Muoi Huynh NGUYEN the best customers in this city ... Other work (!) areas: Malmö, Stockholm ...
- We see here a list of criminals ...
- Of course! ..
- Here are the business Muoi Huynh NGUYEN's "import whore" proposal directory; most barely teenage girls who are trafficked into the EU regions:
It looks like exactly a kind of grisfarm, completely built by Mammele NGUYEN:

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