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The World Congress has been called in order to promote such a goal and should provide a forum where

The World Congress has been called in order to promote such a goal and should provide a forum where countries affirm the norms for protection of children set forth in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
- Wonderful explain!... You should inform the aitthorities for instance Princess Victoria!
- She is not any authority, she is only one simple instrument in the hands of the zionized oligarchie... Anyway, all the authorities know much more than me and they doing nothing but angry against me!
- ?!


Muoi Huynh NGUYEN's "import whores" suggestion catalog-XXXMammele Muoi Huynh NGUYEN sells all above imported (almost little lolita-girls-boys) child-whoores in Sweden's Jew-driven brothels-files
- Is SweCIA Kingdom's ECPAT-staff blind or?
- ...corrupted!
- ?!
- Here is only one simple exampel about the Brothel&Muoi Huynh NGUYEN's "import whores" suggestion catalog..
- Wow!.. They are almost under 17-year-age!
- Yes, it's! They were been smuggled in the EU-areal, via judaized-corruption-instututions of Sweden! Watch this document, please!

Det låter som en grisfarm omkring Mammele NGUYEN:
- I see!... What dos it mean?
- Ecpat should show such kinky affairs!..
- You didn't understand, Swedish institutions involved such affirs!
- ?!

Mammele Muoi Huynh NGUYEN sells all above imported (almost little lolita-girls-boys) child-whoores in Sweden's Jew-driven brothels-files


- Finance minister 'paid no tax for babysitter', reported on 17th October 2006

One of finance minister Anders Borg's previous babysitters has accused him of paying her cash-in-hand for what she claims was a taxable income. The woman, now 23, says she received 50 kronor per hour, bringing in a total of over 10,000 kronor per year.

The woman, who was a neighbour of the Borgs, says that she often babysat for the family when she was sixteen. She looked after their son on a regular basis, often twice a week, for two and a half hours at a time. Anders Borg did not provide the tax authorities with any details about the payments.

The law states that private persons are obliged to pay payroll tax if an employee earns more than 10,000 kronor per year.

"My ambition has been to obey the law of the land. I am convinced that we have succeeded for the most part," said Borg to Aftonbladet.

The woman, whose name is Jennie, told Expressen that she worked for the Borg family as a nanny. Borg on the other hand is insistent that she was employed as a babysitter.

"I did not have a nanny. I have worked a lot and so has my wife. We have had babysitters.

We have used babysitters quite a lot. If both parents work there is plenty of need for babysitters," Borg told Daily press.

- This EvangeloJew Bastard Minister didn't show any minimal level respect to the constitutional rules of state!
- But his true affir was hidden beyond this crime. First at all, such overclass bastards hiring girls&boys as "babysitter", but they have NO BABY at home. Babes are living with the mithers in another home, because the wives always have an extra man or what, far from the first husband...
- Wow!
- Secondly; they hide nothing from tax-offices, be´cause they have wonderful (!) cooperation with the fraud-lover staff of tax adminiatration... They know what the ordinary people never knew...
- Okay , then?!
- The "babysitter" called boys&girls are hidden... As long as these imported suckers are sitting in the knees of capitalists, have no problem with passports or such papers...
- They need PUT?
- Absolutely!.. They need real ID-cards and they all together are afraid only on such scandals... Because they are traevlluing together to Tenerriffe, Las Vegas, Thai/Bali-Brothels... One day, "mouse-traf can work" on the border of any country.
- How did you get so many secret info?
- I practiced at many travel centres of the European Jews for example Sabra/FinnTours of Zionist chief Anwarul fake Islam. Go to Anwarul's Sabra Bolaget and say that you need a ticket.. Simply ticket!
- I can't buy?
- He'll ask, who sends you to this office...
- Then?
- He'll look on tabels and say "No place, Sir"
- How should he live when he never sells tickets?
- Also, he is one of the "fixer"... Sabra Tours of Jews are fixing paper for "baby-sitter homo - lesbo youngs" of overclass chiefs...
- I read that there are new passports, nobody can imitate it.
- Only police can produce such "secure paper", you mean?
- Yes!
- Don't make me laugh.. Man buy staff at state, I say and you show me stupid articles of the amateur journalists... I know many polices in Sweden, when they not helps to sects, they can never be chief nor retired in life...
- In life?!
- Yes! "Livet ut", folk says in Swedish Kingdom.
- I am fucking such Kingdoms...
- ...too late.. ...been fucked by the sects. It stinks now and therefore we discuss here...
- ?!


ECPAT runs by the Jewish/Evangelist polit-whores, liberalized trafficking-markets' profiteers....therefore there is none-effective methodes against the XXX liberal lobbies who handle children between EU/Aseans areal...

- The Internet has been bitten not just by the Love bug, or the "ILOVEYOU" virus, but by a virus called child pornography as well. Child pornography via cyberspace is growing rapidly in many countries and is reportedly becoming a key factor in fueling cases of child sexual abuse.
- This, as well as other topics concerning commercial sexual exploitation of children, will be discussed in an international conference of young people ages 13-24 from all over the world from May 21 to 26 at the Marikina Riverbend Hotel in Marikina City.
- For the first time in Manila, some 200 youth leaders and survivors of sexual exploitation from 30 countries will exchange views and seek ways to strengthen the fight against child prostitution, trafficking and child pornography.
- The International Young People's Conference will be held under the guidance of by the global network ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), with the patronage of Princess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg.
- It is expected to draw participants from the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Australia, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Nepal, Mauritius and South Africa.
- "This is what we want to emphasize: The importance of young people's participation in the healing process of many sexually exploited children," said Amihan Abueva, ECPAT project director in the Philippines. "We should not just stop at monitoring, documenting, lobbying for laws or further support for this issue. We should also start counting on the young people who survived their ordeal.
- A hundred million victims? - That's right!.. A United Nations report says there are now more than a hundred million children "propelled into a life on the streets, sex slavery, and other forms of sexual exploitation" all over the world.
- And child pornography has found a new and faster medium for propagation--through the Internet. From 300,000 Internet users in 1992, the number has increased to 120 million worldwide and may reach 200 million users by next year, according to reports.
- Child pornography is the sexual representation through pictures, negatives, slides, magazines, movies and videotapes of young people below 18 years old. Soft-core pornography includes naked and seductive images of children while hard-core pornography includes images of children engaged in sexual activity.
- There are several ways in which child pornography is being used, ECPAT reports. "Its most obvious use is that it can sexually arouse a pedophile by feeding his sexual fantasies." Pedophiles also use it to blackmail children.
- For entrepreneurs, what is important is the commercial value of pornographic films, and they've found it profitable to use the Internet. Sex offenders also use it to meet potential victims.
- A child sex offender "can make on-line arrangement for the exchange, sale or purchase of child pornography," ECPAT reports. "Or he can use the Internet to lure young people to a meeting. In 1998, a high school student was molested in Hong Kong after she agreed to meet an abuser who posed as a child. In Melbourne, two teenage girls were attacked after furtive meetings were arranged through the chat rooms."
- On the Canadian Internet, there's a "kiddie stroll," which advertises children for sex, with prices to boot.
- In Queensland, New Zealand, live video conferencing showing children being sexually assaulted is becoming a new trend through "Internet Paedophilia," according to New Zealand police. This is also true in Australia, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, where many people have access to the Internet.
- "Baby porno" is prevalent in the Netherlands, says ECPAT. In the investigation of a case involving the

Re: The World Congress has been called in order to promote such a goal and should provide a forum wh

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