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Traveler’s Japanese app

Japanese is the mother tongue of Japan. In Japan it is known as Nihongo. If you are going to Japan and want to learn Japanese very quickly, then it is very right place to learn Japanese. In Japan people believe in giving respect. There are different levels of Japanese language that are used according to the social level of the people. Japanese grammar is easy to learn although it’s quite different from that of English. For example, English sentence structure is [Subject + Verb + Object] in general, whereas Japanese is [(Subject)* + Object + Verb] *subject is often omitted in Japanese. Traveler’s Japanese’s easy lessons will make your learning Japanese experiences very interesting. It will make you understand the sentences and it helps you in making your own sentences.
The aim of this app is to help you to understand the basics of Japanese language that, when you visit Japan, it will be helpful for you in every step. This is very useful app specially designed for the travelers, though this app you can learn Japanese for non-travelers as well, definitely fast and logically. The experienced Japanese teachers designed this course. In this Traveler’s Japanese App, there are over 75 minute audio lessons, which will be very helpful for you to practice. You will be provided by the complete list of all phrases (in both rōma-ji ~alphabet~ as a guide for pronunciation, and Hiragana/Katakana & Kanji ~for written Japanese) and grammar and explains each and every part of it. The syllabus is very briefly described which include all the essential part of the Japanese language. This covers most of the day-to-day situation that a traveler faces. You can easily improve your Japanese skill, just listening to the audio, which is recorded in the voice of the local Japanese person and. Internet connection is not required while accessing this app. It is not boring, here you will learn in a very playful manner. Purchase it or Just download it free, and you can access this app as when you want. Some of its contents are, how you make reservation, how you talk in taxi, hotel, station, restaurant or public places and when you go out or visit someone’s house, how to pronounce days, weeks, months and many more. You can easily cope up with these situations by using Traveler’s Japanese app, and you can see your progress through phrase and word quizzes in this app.