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A Saga on John LENIN///IMAGINE, your music and all other cultural values completely manipulated by t

A Saga on John LENIN///IMAGINE, your music and all other cultural values completely manipulated by the judaized Imperialism!/In memory of all the members of The BEATLES / This Saga is a kind tribute to The BEATLES///This Saga is a sympathy tribute to Helena HEDMAN, who was born XXXXX-XX in Xxxx, educated xxxxxx; driving a kind anti-imperialist blog http://xxxx produces courageous questioning http://mansklighet.se/? and a real intellectual, loves the truth and folk loves such reliable figures who concrete holding high the European Heritage&cultural values of civilisation, fighting back aganist NWO. And if you kindly sending congratulation roses to Helena HEDMAN, Stockholm, SweCIA Kingdom



Twice upon a time...

Dear listeners, readers, tv-viewers! Welcome! A new saga is shining here... Brave people makes these forums available to encourage intelligent and open democratic debate platforms.
Users are requested to participate in the spirit of good fellowship and tolerance. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of saga tellers.... "Living tales broadcasting" does not mean "fantastical fairy tales", but aims to offer a solution for "living questions of humanity" and one of them begins here, today's well-documented tales! Notice it respectfully, please; this is a SAGA; man don't need to be stressed... Avoid to show incredible angry attitudes or overwhelmed happy on such tales... Test your self-control! Well, we are aware, there are a kind of interesting types, which fanatically programmed to see the similarly robotics and they can not accept the creative brains... Compare yourself with them! Take it easy; don't to be imprisoned of "mass-medial brainwashing campaigns"... In normally case, there are different open-views, artistically creations, poetry, approximate to the social cases in community; listen to them... If you want to criticize these stories, feel free; do that!
No doubt! This is a form of literature to create essays; of course built a bridge to say out your opinion; do that, please! Other-ways, you will just a living witness here; yes, here seems many aggressive robotics making shit after my tales; let them stay on this page as my best evidence… People needs such testimony; who tells saga, who has shit in his mouth; discover on Internet around my saga texts... They are not only my enemies, because I have nothing as private conflict with them... In fact they are the fanatical enemies of human being; this is the question... They almost the AIPAC/ADL etc jewry masonry gangs and their related criminals, recruited staff still spread enormous spam and they run worldwide sabotage on Internet! Why? This is their traditional character and profession. Jewish fanatism based on hate and degrading of human! Neo-Zionism is most freak Fascism today and this well-donated machinery is completely fit with neo-Imperialism!.. Jews and their polit-whores hate Humanism, because of they are not idiots, they know well that the Independent Institutions and awakened human prevents their bloody profitees!.. Therefore they run systematic sabotage processes and spam is one of such kinky methodes... For example many false drug-seller-advertisements of the provocateur-saboter Fascist Jew Daniel&PIMPS and collaborated polit-whores worldwide:

- What is the main profession of such Zioni-Snakes?
- Sabotage! Actually all the Jewish lobbies&collaborators are experienced on the sabotage tactics worldwide... It's their traditionally profession like polit-prostitution...

- Well! My Grandfather had pigs at farm; all the animals had name there and selected examples prized by true ID cards... I see that Grandfather's true pigs were more respectable than human faced piggies&doggies... Let's these doggies shitting here on Internet, mostly using false sexual announcements; let's people witness what a kind kinky planet the two-legged pigs dreaming… Keep the evidences should be apparently pasted there on internet page, although it's not friendly; all after checking this attack it'll easier to struggle against thus kinky character, who beyond this dirtiness! Go on to tell what the newest! In fact, we have much more exciting broadcasting tournaments... You see; the fanatics of system are so eager to bite your heel.. No doubt, its typical attitudes of bulldogs and lapdogs of judaized imperialism... But criticism welcomes....
Of course there are different opinions… Discussion is better than warplanes... Let's create new saga examples and try to build a wonderful socialistic saga-world for whole human being; yes, for human, dear! Solidarity regards from saga-teller, additional works of studio-guests, followers on friendly tv channels...

-.. , .~-

Part -1- A Saga on John LENIN///IMAGINE, your music and all other cultural values completely manipulated by the judaized Imperialism!/In memory of all the members of The BEATLES / This Saga is a kind tribute to The BEATLES///This Saga is a sympathy tribute to Helena HEDMAN, who was born XXXXX-XX in Xxxx, educated xxxxxx; driving a kind anti-imperialist blog http://xxxx produces courageous questioning http://mansklighet.se/? and a real intellectual, loves the truth and folk loves such reliable figures who concrete holding high the European Heritage&cultural values of civilisation, fighting back aganist NWO. And if you kindly sending congratulation roses to Helena HEDMAN, Stockholm, SweCIA Kingdom
IMAGINE; there is no OBAMA MONKEYS in the knee of military mafia U$rael!

"You can never kill me/
Jew me, Sue me/
Everybody do me/
Kick me, kike me/
Don't you black or white me/"

singing Michael JACKSON... But it was wrong.. They did it, like the "cleansing of Yasser ARAFAT///The Story of John LENIN
http://www.levitt.co.uk/ http://www.bothner.com/john/travels/volga/Lenin3.jpg
- Radio FM Independent Laponia transferred from Radio Habana Cuba; titled; "The Beatles: Time Travelers" on december 8, 2002
- Who is talking?
- Pedro M. Otero Cabañas
- Let's to listen!..
- Twenty years have passed since John Lennon's death and one year since George Harrison's -- two of the members of the immortal British group: The Beatles.

Several days ago, we also recalled the 33rd anniversary of the breakup of the quartet from Liverpool. In spite of time, the band's fame continues to grow and the group still has a big influence on generations of young people from around the world.

Remembering them today is an opportunity to celebrate their virtuosity, reinforced by Sir George Martin's visit to Havana at the beginning of November. George Martin was the main music producer of the group.

Other pop music groups of undeniable quality shared the historical stage with the Beatles, but none of them -- not even the fabulous Rolling Stones -- reached the level of the Liverpool group, whose music, esthetic values and cultural patterns continue to live on.

What reasons explain these exceptional qualities?

The duo of Lennon and McCartney was one of the most successful in the history of contemporary music.

Since their first hit, "Love Me Do" in 1962 until the last, "Let it Be" recorded in 1969, seven years had passed and, during that time, the Beatles gave the world some of the most beautiful songs ever written. Their style of singing rock or ballads included telling a story of people (Eleanor Rigby) or places (Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever). Others were love poems and peace songs dedicated to the end of wars and to friendship.

But the Beatles were more than the best music group of all times.

They established a pattern in a convulsive era, characterized by the loss of societal values, war (Vietnam was pounded by U.S. bombs) the struggle for civil rights of African-Americans and Latinos in the United States and the beginning of a counter-culture movement by a desperate youth, overwhelmed by the prevailing conservative political system.

According to Lennon, those who were more famous than Jesus Christ became a part of universal culture over the years. Today's world continues to be overwhelmed by violence and the ever-widening gap between rich and poor. And many are looking for answers, as they did before with the songs and attitudes of the Fab Four from Liverpool.
They are now as vital for the world as they were during the hectic decade of the 60s. That's why today's irreverent Beatles continue to exist within the roots of culture.

The Deaths of Lennon and Harrison

On December 8th, 1980, Mark David Chapman emptied five rounds from his 38-caliber weapon into JohnLennon's body. Within a few seconds, this man of exceptional musical gifts was dead.

Julian, Lennon's eldest son, compared his father's death to a light swallowed by a black hole. Sting, the singer, stated that "when people die like that, landscape changes; it is as if a mountain or a river has vanished from the face of the Earth."

Also on that sad day, the hope of seeing them all together in a concert was lost. Nostalgia will last forever and we will continue to bring them back to life through their music.

Two decades and one year later, on November 29th, 2001, cancer took the life of the youngest of them: George Harrison.

No less important in the definition of the Beatles' style, Harrison incorporated many of the electric plucking and acoustic strumming that defined the sound of the group, at the same time writing several of the group's songs. Some of them are his own, like the immortal "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something."

For many, Harrison was the personification of the Beatles; of the four, he contributed with his freshness and sensible equilibrium to John Lennon's leadership, Paul McCartney's geniality and the style of Ringo Star. Harrison's mystique reinforced the group's creation.

The gathering gift that weaved each of these characteristics produced the most outstanding phenomenon of the 20th century.

The Beatles will continue to ascend into immortality, in a process that time only consolidates. Their work has already become a timeless, universal patrimony.
- "To break the connexion with England the never failing source of all our political evils and to assist the independence of my country, these are my objectives", says Theobald Wolfe Tone.
- Except? Laponian?
- Accept as Laponian, like Ir(a)landian...
- ?!

- "Jew Exploits Dying Beatle to His Last Breath and Beyond", reported and documented by American Anti-Zionist Solidarity...
- Let's watch it!..
- Multi-culti egalitarian George Harrison, known as the "Quiet Beatle," died in Los Angeles on November 29, 2001, after battling lung cancer and a brain tumor. He spent the last miserable weeks of his life in the company of parasitic Jew Gilbert Lederman, who exploited the dying man with the kind of gall that only a Jew could muster.

Lederman, radiation oncologist at Staten Island University Hospital, took his son and two daughters to a Staten Island home where Harrison was staying while undergoing stereotactic radiosurgery treatment. He ushered the children into the room where Mr. Harrison was bedridden and in great discomfort forcing Harrison to listen to his son play the guitar. Afterwards he took the guitar and put it in Harrison's lap and asked him to sign it. When the ailing Beatle told the Jew he didn't believe he could even remember how to spell his name, Lederman said, "Come on, you can do this," and grabbed his hand and guided the musician, letter by letter, through the signature.

Apparently, the Jew then sold his story to the National Enquirer. A photograph of the doctor's son Ariel holding the guitar appeared in the rag just two weeks after Harrison's death. Lederman wasted no time in having the guitar appraised. Lederman's lawyer, Wayne Roth said, "the doctor has no desire to sell the guitar - but noted it had been appraised by Sotheby's at between $5,000 and $6,000."

Lederman has since been reprimanded by the state Health Department's Board for Professional Medical Conduct. He was officially censured, and made to pay a fine of $5,000 for talking to the media about Harrison without the musician's consent. The board said Lederman "revealed to news agencies, magazines and television, personal facts obtained in his professional capacity."

Now Harrison's widow, Olivia, and their son, Dhani, have filed a $10 million lawsuit claiming that, "Dr. Lederman preyed upon Mr. Harrison while he was in a greatly deteriorated mental and physical condition." They are also seeking the autographed electric guitar, and other autographed items.

The suit contends Lederman created a "circus atmosphere" by giving numerous press interviews and disclosing confidential information about the guitarist's treatment. And states that Lederman's "most offensive, insensitive, bizarre and inappropriate" act was the bringing of his son and two daughters to the Staten Island home where Harrison was staying.

The suit also names Lederman's son Ariel, and daughters Eve and Sarah as defendants, because they too, apparently, annoyed Harrison until he autographed items for them.

According to Harrison's estate lawyer, the Ledermans have refused to return the autographed items and have refused to stop talking about the Beatle's health care. He reported that Olivia Harrison has even offered to replace the guitar. "Objects associated with dead celebrities obviously have a market," the attorney said. "This kind of trafficking is ghoulish and reprehensible."


- "George Harrison doctor fined for talking", BBC broadcasted on December 3, 2003; Albany-New York: The state Health Department reprimanded a cancer specialist for talking to the media about his patient George Harrison without the ex-Beatle's consent.

Harrison, 58, died in Los Angeles on November 29, 2001, after battling lung cancer and a brain tumor.

Dr. Gilbert Lederman signed an order last month with the department's Board for Professional Medical Conduct, accepting his censure, reprimand and $5,000 fine, documents show. The documents don't mention Harrison by name but say that the patient died on November 29, 2001, and that Lederman discussed his case in the media.

The radiation oncologist at Staten Island University Hospital treated Harrison shortly before he died. He had told The New York Post that Harrison was "quiet and dignified" and that "he believed death was a part of life. He was not fearful of death." He also said Harrison stayed on Staten Island for two weeks getting outpatient treatment after checking out of the hospital.

The board said Lederman "revealed to news agencies, magazines and television, personally identifiable facts ... obtained in his professional capacity."

Lederman's attorney Anthony Scher declined to confirm the state's action involved Harrison's case. But he said it was "a very very mild penalty for what the Health Department recognized was a relatively minor mistake."

"Dr. Lederman mentioned information about a patient which he thought was very positive information, nothing the patient would not want said," Scher said. "But from a very technical point of view, it was prohibited."

State Health Department spokeswoman Kristine Smith declined to comment on the case.

Lederman uses a medical technique known as fractionated sterotactic radiosurgery, which attacks large, advanced tumors with high doses of radiation while leaving surrounding tissues intact.

- I have no idea on thepolitical matters.. But I would like to sing from Beatles for memory of Beatles...
- You are welcome, comrade!

(...like a kind of The Communist Manifesto)


Imagine there's no heaven, /
It's easy if you try, /
No hell below us, /
Above us only sky,/
Imagine all the people/
living for today... /

Imagine there's no countries,/
It isnt hard to do, /
Nothing to kill or die for,/
No religion too, /
Imagine all the people /
living life in peace... /

Imagine no possesions,/
I wonder if you can, /
No need for greed or hunger,/
A brotherhood of man, /
Imagine all the people /
Sharing all the world... /

You may say Im a dreamer,/
but Im not the only one, /
I hope some day you'll join us,/
And the world will live as one. /


Yoko ONO and John LENNON


- IHT, Int. Herald Tribune has interesting headlines..on October 07, 2004
- Let's read!..
- Mel Gibson has obtained a three-year restraining order against a homeless man who allegedly showed up at his estate and the chapel he attends in California, demanding they pray together. Zack Sinclair, 34, has pleaded not guilty to six misdemeanor counts that include trespassing and disorderly conduct, the district attorney's office said. He has been jailed until an Oct. 12 hearing. The order, originally issued a day after Sinclair's Sept. 20 arrest, bars him from coming within 100 yards of Gibson, his wife and their seven children, their home, Gibson's work, the children's school and the chapel. He also cannot contact the actor.
- Zack SINCLAIR looks like the murderer..
- Which one?
- Who murdered John LENNON...
- That is right!..Both are the Evangelic fanatics!..
- Go on, what about the second one news today?
- John LENNON would have been 64 on Saturday, 2 October 2004 and given that one of the chestnuts of the Lennon-McCartney song catalogue was the 1920s-style "When I'm Sixty-Four" - a song actually written by Paul McCartney, but like all their Beatles-era work, credited to both - it seemed to Yoko Ono, Lennon's widow, that the occasion demanded a public celebration. She is presenting "When I'm Sixty-Four," an exhibition of drawings, caricatures and sketches that Lennon created throughout his life. The show opened Thursday at 102 Wooster St. in New York City and runs through Sunday. Anyone who followed the Beatles closely in the 1960s would have run into Lennon's art in books of strangely comic drawings and of short prose and poetry, "In His Own Write" (1964) and "A Spaniard in the Works" (1965). In the years since Lennon was murdered, in 1980, Ono has published several books of his drawings and has used his sketches on greeting cards, silk ties and even the covers of CD collections.
- What he said, the Evangelic fanatics been crazy on that?
- "Beatles is bigger than Jesus Christ" and after that whole Zionist lobby mobilized to procate the Chuch and use the fanatics against intellectual artists..
- Well!.. What is the work of Mel GIBSON, the fanatics show similarly reactions?
- A film; "Passion", the last tyime of Jesus Christ and exposes how the Jewish barbarians kill poor Jesus!..
- I understand now better... There is a common point about the philosophy of the intellectual responsibility and there is a big risk to be brave-heart artist.. Because there are gigantic relation between the enemies of human-being!..
- Definitely!..
- "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light", says Plato, philosopher.
- Except? Laponian?
- Accept as Laponian, like Ir(a)landian...
- ?!

- If John LENNON was alive, he absolutely should struggle against the occupation of Iraq..
- I agree with you and he would be target of all judaized imperialists...
- Definitely!.. Today I see a piece John LENIN-ist attitudes by Michael JACKSON...
- Indeed we have a short clip related just this subject...
- Let's watch!


- Michael Jackson Blames Jews for Money Woes...Michael Jackson may love the children of the world - but he doesn't like Jews, according to a blockbuster new audiotape that apparently captures the Gloved One waxing anti-Semitic to a former business manager.

"They suck," the King of Pop is allegedly heard saying on a voicemail message left the ex-adviser. "They're like leeches . . . I'm so tired of it . . . they start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up penniless. It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

Jackson was also heard on other tapes demanding lackeys get wads of cash for him from accounts the financially troubled troubadour wasn't supposed to be touching - and courier them to him in paper fast-food bags.

"You got to get me some fries," is how Jackson is heard describing one of the transactions.

"When he wanted large amounts, he would call and say supersize them," said Marc Schaffel, a gay-porn producer and former Jackson confidant now suing the singer for some $3 million, saying he was not paid for work or repaid loans.

The tapes were played for the first time in public yesterday on ABC's "Good Morning America" - a day after another one of Jackson's former business managers, Dieter Wiesner, filed a separate, $64 million lawsuit against him claiming fraud and breach of contract.

Howard King, the lawyer for both Schaffel and Wiesner, told the show that the Hebrew-hating bit of audio was from a message Jackson left with Wiesner.

This isn't the first time Jackson has been caught in an anti-Semitic controversy - his 1996 song "They Don't Care About Us" included the lyrics "Jew me, sue me," and "kike me, kike me."

"Good Morning America" said it could not verify the message beyond a doubt - and Jackson's lawyers would not comment for ABC.

However, the show says it has verified the voice-mail messages made to Schaffel about getting cash.

"Marc, I really need you to get . . . $7 million for me as soon as p