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Walking on the DVD Fashion Trend

It’s said that you are a failure if you didn’t watch SOA DVD.Walking on the DVD fashion trend and being a fashionable one.
The greatness of Sutters writing is that he makes you both love and respect them as well as hate them and the truth is they simply measure humanity as a whole. I knew Ralph Barger lightly in the 60's always liked him, he was a great President of The Oakland Chapter H.A.'S a good man, was a shock to see him on the show, in my mind he's still that good looking young man of the 60's The Angels are poorer for him not representing them now.
As for the dexter on dvd, I think the fifth season is the best season. It is a successful antihero, and the show should be seen as more than a small screen slasher flick. It is very rough in language, there are plenty of sexual situations, etc., and so remember all that if the blood stuff hasn't been enough of a warning that this is not a show for the kids. Five stars - oh, and Michael: Get Better!!!!
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Re: Walking on the DVD Fashion Trend

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Re: Walking on the DVD Fashion Trend

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Re: Walking on the DVD Fashion Trend

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