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the world has shot structure out of its ass into outer space with the great 'pretentious/preliot' cannon for the sake of difference(/sameness); let's all just spill our thoughts onto separate lines and call it poetry...

...Hey, I really thought about this one:

"I love to write
I also love to think
I believe that I am very bright
In the mist of all this I put all my thoughts in ink
If I write it all down maybe I’ll make it
I’m doing everything I can and if I don’t get it I’ll take it
Everyone in my family wasn’t very successful
Yet I love them to death and I am very respectful
I need to prove to them and myself that I can do it
And when I get it I’m going to keep it and make sure I glue it
This is why I’m determined"


Ask me for a poet from the last 40 years, I'll give you Dylan, Zappa, Morrissey, Kris Parker. What do they all have in common? Oh yeah, that's right, they all happen to sing it as well; even that John Cooper Clarke guy has to throw it at you from a stage.

Quote me Larkin or Carol Had Enuffy or Armitage or (insert American here) or Sarah Tragephile and I'll spit in your face.

Words have been reduced to performance again; we're now back to chanting around the camp fire.


Re: Jesus,

best ignored AMF thread ever.

Re: Jesus,

Gee, didn't expect to win this one. Well, first of all I'd like to thank nj, who voted for me. But the biggest thanks have to go to all those who ignored the thread; I couldn't have done it without you.

It was more for blowing a fuse than for instigating any more measured response anyway.

Re: Jesus, is poetry really dead!?!

best ignored thread with a single reply and THAT random guy's reaction to it ever... too bad the good ones die much too soon on AMF..

Re: Jesus, is poetry really dead!?!

that's why i'm copying an old classic painting (which puts it better) with my mind right now:

it's awesome, you should buy it. of the day