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NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

If anyone is interested in having an NCAA Basketball Tournament pool among your fellow AM-ers, I've set one up on Yahoo. A link can be found right here.

Group ID#: 107353
Password: x49ss2po44

If there are any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer as quickly as I can. The tournament starts Thursday morning, so be sure you get your bracket filled out by then. Good luck!

Re: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

If there's anything I love and obsess over more than music, it's college basketball. The fact that my terps didn't make it this year kills me though.

Re: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

I know pretty much nothing about college basketball,but I'm interested in getting into it so I'll probably watch a bit of it - I'll put one in even though I'll likely fall flat on my face,it will make the games more interesting though...

Re: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

I used to be pretty good at these pools, but now I have way too many other hobbies to keep up with it during the season.

Maybe I should just make a bracket and pick all the favorites. I have a hunch that in general, the 'average bracket' beats most individual brackets.

Re: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

Hey I think I submitted a bracket yesterday, but now I can't get back in to check. (It says that group has reached it's max) am I in?
Let's go SU!

Re: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

Sucks that I didn't get to submit a bracket, but wow, what a day of basketball!

Re: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

I think my 'Average bracket' sheds light on the correct approach to these pools.

After the second round, I was ahead in this group and 96th percentile nationwide. Now I'm second in the group and 74th percentile nationwide. It seems the right strategy is to be conservative in the first two rounds and pick the favorites, then take more risks once you get to the sweet 16.