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does anybody else...

does anybody else really want to see Radiohead move into the Top 10 artists? I figure they have a good shot of doing so once the end of the decade lists come in, and I'm sure both "kid a" and "In Rainbows" are bound to get loads of acclaim.

So where do you think they'll reach once the EOD lists are factored in? I'm guessing Number 8 or 9 all time.

Re: does anybody else...

Eh... don't know. I think they'll have to earn it like they would anyway. I still need to hear a few more masterpieces to think of them as a top 10 of ALL TIME artist.

Close though.

Re: does anybody else...

But then again, there are some in the top ten that I don't think should be there, and if Radiohead overtook one of them, I wouldn't mind.

Re: does anybody else...

Should Radiohead be a top ten artist? Yes. Do I want them to move in? NO! That would mean that Jimi Hendrix gets knocked out of top 10, and I might actually shed real tears if that happened. I'd love for them to bump up and The Who to be bumped down.

Re: does anybody else...

Personally I'd like it if Elvis got the boot (nothing against Elvis, he's great- but no top ten artist in my mind) Then have Hendrix at 10, The Who at 9, and Radiohead at 8. That's me being hopeful though.
Radiohead's been in my top ten artist list for several years now, and I'd love to see them reach there in AM.

Re: does anybody else...

in my opinion, the whole top 35 are all contenders for the top 10 (with one or two exceptions) so i find it really hard to say who should and shouldn't make it. radiohead should probably be in there, but they're already at 11 so we're only talking about a difference of one or two places. i'll be happy no matter what happens at the end of the decade. i must say, if they do end up in the top 10, i hope it's not hendrix who gets kicked out. i'm also crossing my fingers for elvis or the who. (so glad i've collected the majority of the top 100 albums. i feel like i'm actually allowed to have an opinion on these issues)

Re: does anybody else...

It's pretty sure they will get in sooner or later, they are quite underrated in the songs list ("only" ranked 42th) and will get the few points the lack to overtake Hendrix on that side. (I would bet on a sudden rise of Idioteque and How to Disappear Completely to help it)
They already are quite high on albums and probably won't get much higher there (maybe Kid A will end up in the top 100 but then I think the Bends might lose a few places)

Re: does anybody else...

I wouldn't mind a lot if Prince, The Who, Elvis and maybe Hendrix were ejected from the top 10.

I would gladly welcome The Beach Boys, Radiohead and The Velvet Underground in the "club" instead.

Re: does anybody else...

Moeboid makes an excellent point about the top 35 being reasonable contenders for the top 10—although I’d probably put the cutoff closer to the top 20 or so.

I don’t get too bent out of shape about the artist rankings on this site—they’re fun, but they’re kind of a by-product of the album and song lists, which produces some quirky results. There are a lot of things you can't measure if you focus only acclaimed recordings. Still, I can't think of too many acts in the top 50 whose rankings are wildly out of whack.

I’ve ducked the question, I notice, so: is Radiohead a top ten artist? I’ve outed myself already as being a recent convert, so you can probably guess my answer: yep. They’ve been the most critically acclaimed active band in the world for more than a decade, and I don’t think anybody else has ever accomplished that. And they earned it.

I would kick out Springsteen (although I like him) and the Who (although I like them a whole lot) and Zeppelin (ahem) in favor of R.E.M., Radiohead and the Clash (this is my “greats” list, not my “favorites” list).

Re: does anybody else...

Radiohead in the top 10?
I guess it depends on what formula applies Henrik. I know that takes into account the 6 albums and 6 songs in altans AM, but I know nothing of its mathematical formula.

My prediction:

When leaving the lists of the best of the decade, I think that the album did not go up ranking positions in the AM.

And the songs will fall many posts.