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One thing i'm sure we all want is for this website to be updated more regularly, and i'm sure some of us wouldn't mind helping out if it meant more frequent updates. I thought it might be good to have a topic where henrik could post any work that needs doing and anyone with a bit of free time could volunteer to do it. I for one have a ton of free time and if it meant more frequent updates and new features then i would love to help out.

Re: Volunteers

Thank you, Moeboid!

I'm thinking of creating Google spreadsheets with various information about albums and songs. For those who would like to help out, I could give write access to the documents. However, first I'd like to go through all the differences between AM and RYM (years, titles, etc. - as kindly provided by Andre) and make all the necessary changes myself. It will probably take a couple of weeks before I'm done with this.