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Bat for Lashes- "Daniel"

Wow, wow, wow! I bought and quite liked Fur and Gold a few years ago, and I recently heard that another album was due soon. I checked out the video for the first single and was blown away.

This is the kind of enduring and magical song that would have been a classic in the 80s. Its impact lingers much longer than the duration of the song, and it's deceptively catchy. After listening to it twice, it was in my head all night! For some reason it reminds me a bit of Kate Bush.

Behold the fantastic "Daniel"!

Re: Bat for Lashes- "Daniel"

Reminds me of Experiment IV but the dancing is very Running up that Hill. I overlooked them because they came out the year every female seemed to have had a deep musky voice but it's better that the majority of all the Kate Bush soundalikes dominationg the music scene nowadays.

Re: Bat for Lashes- "Daniel"

Daniel likes.

Re: Bat for Lashes- "Daniel"

Seems ok. Reminds me of M83. Could be a grower.

The video made me laugh, especially with the face paint tears. A lot of hysterical symbolism attempts.