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demographic thread for march '09


As this site gets new visitors almost everyday (or I do hope so), every three months or so I post this thread, so you can tell the rest of us about yourself.
Where do you come from, how old are you, what do you think of the site, what you do for a living or what are your studies, anything... Come out of the woods, we'd love to know who we are chatting with and make this site more than just a few red-eyed nerds posting from behind their respective screens (have you ever thought of the double sense of this word )

Of course the regulars can post again too, but please tell me if you've changed your pseudo. That's for my statistics.

So far, 92 people have answered this thread, so soon the percentage will be easy to count !! Of course, among those 92, there are people who don't visit the site anymore.

20 countries :

1. USA (33)
2. Canada (7)
2. UK (7) but with very few faithful people
4. France (6)
4. Netherlands (6)
6. Germany (5)
6. Australia (5)
8. Sweden (4)
9. Spain (3)
10. Brazil (2)
10. Norway (2)
10. New Zealand (2)
13. Mexico (1)
13. Denmark (1)
13. Finland (1)
13. Hungary (1)
13. Ireland (1)
13. Italy (1)
13. Poland (1)
13. Romania (1)

Average age : 29 years old

Decades of birth

'60s : 14 people
'70s : 17
'80s : 32
'90s : 8

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I'll go first

Nicolas, from Chatillon, near Paris, France
born 1970
Editor, writer
Married, 2 kids (4 and 1 yo)
Found the site July 8, 2007
Amateur musician (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Run 2 blogs one about "roots" music (in English), another about "mainstream" music (in French)

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I hate to be pushy but there are people who post on a regular basis and that we didn't see here.
Names ? K (from Canada I'd guess), L, D (thanks for that great AM/Pet Sounds picture btw)

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I'll be happy to post again:

I'm Rune
29 years old (yesterday) from Bodø, Norway, but I now live in Kristiansand in the south of the country. I live here with my girlfriend and our son.

I work as an assistant air traffic controller. Musicwise I know how to play the guitar, but I do so pretty badly. I have never worked with anything musicrelated.

My interests are very varied. I like classic cars, movies, chess, chickens, cross stitching, hiking, running, postcards, watching football (soccer) and ski jumping, playing floorball, reading books and listening to audiobooks, building model kits, pub quizes, gps navigation games (geocaching and waymarking), Eurovision Song Contest, my family, travelling and music. I don't have time for everything, though.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I might as well re-introduce myself again.

I'm 18, living in Connecticut in the US. I'm currently a student (waiting for college admissions right now). I play the piano and very little of the guitar at this moment (studying up on lessons for the guitar right now). That's about it.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I'm 17, living in New York. As you can tell by my name, I'm a male.

My interests are in music, art, philosophy, reading, and architecture. I'm a pretty strong swimmer and a pretty good chess player. All my friends joke around and call me a music snob, but I laugh it off. I'll be going to college in the fall.

Re: demographic thread for march '09


My name is Marc and I come from Enschede, Netherlands
Birthyear: 1973
Married and I have 2 lovely kids (2 & 0 yo)
I am a regular visitor of this site for I guess 5 or 6 years. I have never been very active at the forum but I like to read all your discussions, so keep on posting!!

Re: demographic thread for march '09


Are you registered at chesshere.com? We should play a game together.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Liam here.

I'm a 31 year-old biochemist from Albuquerque. In my spare time, I play competitive lawn darts and my biggest disappointment from 2008 was that I still don't have a spaceship.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

My name is Petri and I live in Espoo Finland (right next to Helsinki). I'm 26 years old.
Nicolas did you count me in when you listed who is from where or is there some other Finnish guy who have introduced himself/herself?

I play chess too. Rune and Nick (and others) if you play chess in facebook (only place I play online), you can challenge me. Today my rating is 1460 so you may find me with the help of searching.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

i'm michael, i'll be 18 in july and live in Redondo Beach (near Los Angeles) in California. I run cross country and track for my school team (we got 4th in the state this year!) and i'm learning guitar.
ill either go to college here in california or over to new york city.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I'm Greg, 38, live in Columbus, OH, married, 4 year old son. Beach Boys are my favorite band but my tastes really extend to a little bit of almost anything except screamo, opera, and death metal.

I tend to like stuff with lots of melody and vocal harmony so I like power pop quite a bit.

Re: demographic thread for march '09


You are the only Finn on the list so far !

I didn't tell you of my extra-musical activities : sadly they are few now because my job + my family + my blog take a lot of time.

Nevertheless i love :

- reading books, not only music books but also crime and noir books, science fiction, and "serious" literature;

- soccer, and am a big supporter of the national team (which means I'm suffering a lot nowadays);

-politics and geopolitics (I was a member of the French socialist party but I quit because I'm not a party man)

- religion (I'm a catholic, if you think that a catholic who's not sure he believes in God and who hates his pope is still a catholic )

- traveling but I can't now with the kids (been to Africa, India, Indonesia, Israel, USA, Canada),
scuba diving and visiting seaside aquariums,

- wine and food (even if the food or wine is not French )and I hate the average, ignorant and arrogant Frenchman who's convinced his country is the best (les imbéciles heureux qui sont nés quelque part, as Brassens said, which means "idiots who were born somewhere")

Re: demographic thread for march '09

21 years old from sydney, australia. i'm not interested in much other than music, but my girlfriend of three years has just started studying film so it's likely that i will develop an interest. i have previously studied audio engineering and sound production at a private college, as well as acoustics at university though i never finished the latter. currently i teach guitar for a job.

as a guitarist, i'm no jimi hendrix, but i can play ok. i used to think that i was alright at singing, but then i recorded myself and was horribly shocked to find that i'm not :p

Re: demographic thread for march '09


that was a joke, of course
but end of april will be ok, the weather will be fine for a café en terrasse

Re: demographic thread for march '09

sorry I posted on the wrong thread

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Reintroducing myself:

Andre, from Freiburg, near Black Forest, Germany
Born 1967 in Giesbeek, a village close to Arnhem in Holland. Living in Freiburg since 2002.
Married with German/Canadian Silke, no kids
Found AM already a long time ago (2003 or 2004), but actively posting since fall 2007. Initially under the name DrDre, nowadays as Andre. My RYM name is still DrDre.
As a kid I played the organ (just like Manzarek did) and I still torture my keyboard once in a blue moon.
Other hobbies: Cooking, cycling, hiking and playing bridge

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I'm not a party man but I'm definitely a partying man !!

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Thank you guys !

So far i have only one new registered AMer
Welcome, Liam !

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Hey, I'm Alex D, 16 yrs old, originally from the US (Pennsylvania) but now livin' it up in Uppsala, Sweden. I play bass guitar (mainly) and a little guitar and keyboard. Besides music I'm really interested in sports (I have a favorite team in probably every league) and politics (I want to study political science in college).

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Hello everyone, I'm SR, from New Jersey. I live in a small suburban town about 40 minutes away from New York City.

I was borin in 1992 (17) and am a junior in High School. Also I'm male.

I have no musical talent, except I can play Brown Eyed Girl on the Ukele. Other than music, my interests include track and field, partying, and going to the city.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

41. Single. Texan. Writer. Ex-punk. Good food. Marathons. Baseball (Astros). R.E.M.

Work for Houston Grand Opera (Greg Rumpff, I guess I should try to convert you).

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Chris, I'm 25 and live in the US.

Right now I'm an inventory specialist, but I'm also enrolled in a Masters program in software engineering.

My BA is in psychology from Oberlin. I originally wanted to be a psychiatrist, but I scrapped that for two reasons. One, I realized I sucked in a lab, and two, I have differences with the culture of psychology. (Like, that a p=0.49 result in a single study is a major breakthrough, a .3 correction is a huge correlation, and that mild depression should be treated with addictive drugs that affect your brain chemistry.)

Re: demographic thread for march '09

bill, you sound like me and my acoustics studies. acoustics is a stupid industry. we try to set up standards for how much noise certain things can make when how much noise someone can tollerate depends heavily on how much they like where the noise is coming from. for example, someone might like one neighbour and dislike another. the amount of noise that they will tolerate from the one that they like is much greater than for the one that they don't like. consider someone who has a fear of flying living near an airport. it just feels pointless making up and enforcing the standards. i got out of it because i didn't feel like i was helping people, especially since we charged so much money.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

I've been coming to this site for a few years but never introduced myself so I'll go ahead.

My name is Alex Jackson, I'm 22 years old, and I live in Newport News, Virginia. I am a Middle School Health and Physical Education teacher, and I also coach Junior Varsity basketball. I don't have any musical background, I just love to listen to all types of music. The only thing that tops my love of music is probably my love of sports. I love to watch and play just about every sport except for probably Nascar racing. I was actually born in Spain since my dad was in the military and my mom is from Spain. I am proud to be both a U.S. and Spanish citizen. I usually go to Zaragoza, Spain once a year to visit my mom's family and work on improving my spanish.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

Rune, I just set up an account at chesshere, but my only problem is I have almost no time to play you or anyone else :(

Re: demographic thread for march '09


No problem, we can play a game of correspondance chess, allowing each move to take up to 15 days. What is your username? Mine's nukualofa.

Re: demographic thread for march '09

My name's Nicholas (seems like an abundance of us here!)
38 years old
Vancouver, BC Canada
Not married, but moving in with my girlfriend this week in fact!
2 dogs - husky-chow crosses.
and a voracious appetite for great tunes!

I work in film - special effects make-up

I'm pretty new to the site - been lurking about a month or so - but but I'm so glad to have stumbled this way! There's such a diverse, knowledgeable crew here!

Re: demographic thread for march '09

SR, what town are you from? I'm from Wayne.

20-year-old college student at Rutgers University, class of 2010. I got accepted into the Graduate School of Education there as well to become a history teacher.