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Alright now Fellas! Now what's cooler than being cool!?!?


i hope you get it...

i feel like there has been a lack of passionate music released in this decade. most of it, i feel, is "ice cold".

i really miss the "warmth" of nirvana, neil young, bob dylan, van morrison, even the pixies. people who weren't afraid to be passionate. to sing and play with passion which, let's face it, is a scary thing to do.

what's easy is to be "ice cold". act like you care about nothing, that way you're never vulnerable. then you make music and you're even cooler (especially if it's good). but the music is lacking something...

don't get me wrong, there's been some gems this decade; the top two songs are the first thing that come to mind. overall, though, i think it's been fairly weak, comparable to the '80s i think, and i pick passion as the missing ingredient (for both decades).

i'm feeling optimistic about this next decade though. i don't know why... i just have a feeling. i think i saw in another thread a long time ago someone said it's about time for the next nirvana. i agree.

Re: Alright now Fellas! Now what's cooler than being cool!?!?

This decade does have a lack of "happy" music. I blame Bush.

Re: Alright now Fellas! Now what's cooler than being cool!?!?

yeah, stupid Gavin Rossdale..

Re: Alright now Fellas! Now what's cooler than being cool!?!?

lol...BUSH X. I personally like the music from this decade. Although I look at it from a different perspective than most of you. I strictly focus on the good stuff, not the stuff that wieghed down popular music. Shit like Nickleback, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Britney Spears dont even pop in my mind. I dont listen to that stuff anyway. I focuz on the stuff that cught my attention and spent months in my car. Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, TV On The Radio, Wilco, animal Collective, Joanna Newsom, Flaming Lips, lCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Pj Harvey, White stripes, any many many more; not inclusing the classic acts like Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Bob Dylan etc. I judge a decade on wheather it effectively gave me great music every month in its 10 years. For the most part I say it suceeded, I'll say there would be a total of about 12 months (1 Year) that i didnt have anything new a godd to interest me. 1 good record should keep you exploring for at least a month.