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jack white is being selfish now

a third band!?!?


come on, now.

Re: jack white is being selfish now

does that make Jack White the Eric Clapton of the 00's?

Re: jack white is being selfish now

And here I was hoping for another White Stripes album. What happened to the supposed saviors of rock and roll?

Re: jack white is being selfish now

Don't worry SR.
I read that The Strokes and The White Stripes are both scheduled to release a new album this summer.

Re: jack white is being selfish now

that's cool to hear since the Stripes were a big part of the 00s it's good to end it with one last record. Same should go for all the bands that made it big this decade. No more of this waiting every 2-3 years bs to make an album. You can be consistant and still make good music. In fact many bands release disappointing follow ups when they take too long to make a new record. They take so long that they lose their following even if they're constantly touring. Nowadays music fans think releasing an album every year seems pretentious but I appreciate the fact that a band wants to stay relevant and keep their core audience. Besides it only takes a few days to record something. It's not like these artists are already writing something new that takes 3 years to release immediately following their last record. That would sound pretentious.

Re: jack white is being selfish now

If Jack White is Eric Clapton, what's Dan Bejar and Krug? Or that Animal Collective guy?