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HOA: technical difficulties

Well, now I’ve done it.

My computer at home suffered an epic fail over the weekend, and will be out for repairs for a couple of weeks, at least. Consequently, I’ll have to work on HOA stuff at work.

I arrived early today and compiled the 1988 results, which are up now. However, assembling the eligibles list is much more time-consuming (and, after all, I do have my job to think of). I’ll get to it when I can—probably after the workday’s over tomorrow, but there will now be a slight lull before the 1989 election begins. I’ll still keep voting open for a full week.

I apologize for the delay, which is especially frustrating because the election just past featured the highest participation rate yet.

Watch this space.

Re: HOA: technical difficulties

Just to keep the HOA’s profile out there (and to assuage my guilty conscience), here’s a newly updated list of all inductees. How are we doing?

Louis Armstrong
The Band
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Big Star
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
Jacques Brel
James Brown
The Byrds
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Johnny Cash
Ray Charles
The Clash
Patsy Cline
Leonard Cohen
John Coltrane
Sam Cooke
Elvis Costello
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Cure
Miles Davis
Bo Diddley
Fats Domino
The Doors
Nick Drake
Bob Dylan
Duke Ellington
The Everly Brothers
Ella Fitzgerald
Fleetwood Mac
Aretha Franklin
Marvin Gaye
Al Green
Guns N’ Roses
Merle Haggard
Jimi Hendrix
Billie Holiday
Buddy Holly
Howlin’ Wolf
Hüsker Dü
Michael Jackson
The Jam
Elton John
Robert Johnson
Joy Division
The Kinks
Fela Kuti
Led Zeppelin
John Lennon
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Curtis Mayfield
Charles Mingus
Joni Mitchell
Thelonious Monk
Bill Monroe
Van Morrison
Willie Nelson
New Order
Randy Newman
Roy Orbison
Charlie Parker
Gram Parsons
Pink Floyd
The Police
Elvis Presley
Otis Redding
Lou Reed
Django Reinhardt
The Replacements
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
The Rolling Stones
Roxy Music
Sex Pistols
Paul Simon
Simon and Garfunkel
Frank Sinatra
Sly and the Family Stone
Patti Smith
The Smiths
The Specials
Bruce Springsteen
Steely Dan
The Stooges
The Supremes
T. Rex
Talking Heads
The Temptations
The Velvet Underground
Tom Waits
Muddy Waters
The Who
Hank Williams
Stevie Wonder
Neil Young
Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention

Backstage Wing:

Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Lester Bangs
Irving Berlin
Leonard Chess
Miles and Ian Copeland
Willie Dixon
DJ Kool Herc
Brian Eno
Brian Epstein
Ahmet Ertegun
Alan Freed
George Gershwin
Berry Gordy
John Hammond
Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland
Hilly Kristal
Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller
Alan Lomax
George Martin
Malcolm McLaren
Les Paul
John Peel
D.A. Pennebaker
Lee “Scratch” Perry
Sam Phillips
Cole Porter
Rick Rubin
Harry Smith
Phil Spector
Jann Wenner
Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong

Re: HOA: technical difficulties

I think it's a brilliant list so far, and because I haven't been posting in the HoA lately I'd just like to say here that you're doing a marvelous job schleuse. After my job as the 1980s compiler I've gotten even more respect for the incredible amount of work that you've put into this, and I'm really sorry I haven't been participating that much.

I'm sure everyone will forgive some delays. Oh, and I'll try to participate a few times the coming weeks.