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2008 songs poll: the spreadsheet

Here's a fantastic collection of voting stats from Andre.


Once again, many thanks Andre for doing the 2008 songs poll!

Re: 2008 songs poll: the spreadsheet

Thank you, Henrik, it was a great pleasure to organize it!

After this 2008 poll, I really got on a role listening to songs from a particular year and started to make lists for the years before, i.e. 2007 and further back in time. For your interest, I post these at RYM too: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/DrDre/songs_of_200x where x could be either 8, 7, 6 or 5. Most of these songs you will probably know, but there might just be an interesting surprise or two for you there.

I would like to get some more feedback from you all about the two phase concept. Toni already gave his opinion here. I just wonder, if this kind of strategy could also be interesting for an all-time albums poll ...

Looking back, I found the first (nominating) round, including the recommendations thread, very exciting, and the second (P&J) round a bit less spicy. I mean, it was like a concert with a good start but the best was not left for the end, for the encore. Or do you disagree?

So, in that respect, a two phase concept might not work well for the albums poll. Any suggestions/remarks?

Re: 2008 songs poll: the spreadsheet

Considering the new games popping up at the AM forum and the enormous amount of reactions on my post , I think we better move the all-time albums poll to next year or so. No problem for me.

Re: 2008 songs poll: the spreadsheet

I'm good for an all-time albums poll whenever. Though it may take me some time to organize mine.

Re: 2008 songs poll: the spreadsheet

Waiting until the end of this year would make sense.