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Tenacious D

Anybody here like tenacious d? i love their first album, it's so hilarious and the music is pretty good too. i don't care for their second as much cause it's a lot of metal, which i dont care for, but it's still funny.

anybody else like them too?

had to use google video because the embedding was disabled on all the youtube ones.

Re: Tenacious D

Yeah I agree. I think the first cd is one of the funniest I've ever heard, and it has a high metacritic rating too. Is it eligible to be included in the top 3000 albums? Or is it more a comedy album?

When I used to drive around with friends in high school they would play this and Led Zeppelin so much that I didnt think Id ever want to hear either of them again. But I listened to the TD self titled again a couple years later and thankfully it was still entertaining. I still cant listen to Led Zeppelin though.

Re: Tenacious D

absolutelee.. panda bear pretending to be substitute teacher to sell spicy noodles to Colin Hanks and John Cusack will have bamboozsome firllawok beneath his kidneys..

Re: Tenacious D

"Orange County" references aside, I like the D. Well, at least the first album; the second album was mediocre and I haven't seen the movie, which isn't supposed to be very good.

Re: Tenacious D

Love the first album, thought the movie was weak, like very litte of the 2nd album. Had a chance to see them live but missed it and regret it. They'll probably never tour again.