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Pimp your stuff

Here's a chance for everyone to attract our attention to anything entertainment related they've done or written that can be found on the Web. For example JR's blog, nicolas' reviews (although they're in French) or Kevin's reviews on his newspaper's Web site. Here's my first humble entry:


Re: Pimp your stuff

After receiving some compliments on the way I put words together in a professional setting (where I work as a city planner), I thought I'd flex my remaining creative writing muscles to do some film reviews.


I don't update it much unless I have a writing bug, but it's my little corner. I would definitely appreciate a larger audience and feedback.

Re: Pimp your stuff

Two things

First my blog (both in French and English, but I'm considering 2 separate blogs for the future, thanks Paul for the advice)

And then there's en Français and about Toumani Diabaté.

Re: Pimp your stuff

Sorry, didn't read myself.
Forget the second link, it'll take you to the etat critique site, but I publish those reviews in my blog as well.
Nicolas, please, read yourself before hitting "post" ...

Re: Pimp your stuff


I have 2 blogs now, one in English and one in French L'Appel de la rivière .

Just in case someone's interested, I'm posting in River's invitation about the origins of pop music, starting with blues and found very interesting things about the connection between Africa and Afro-American music.

Re: Pimp your stuff

Of course your comments (on the blog) are welcome
I get some visitors (between 70 and 200 per day) but not a lot of comments

Re: Pimp your stuff


I liked your last post about Africa and the blues.

The only way I ever get comments is to ask direct questions in the post. Last one I put up I asked people to list their favorite drinking songs. Got a good response from that question.

Hey. That gives me an idea...