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Blur - Think Tank

I've always respected Damon albarn, He's an amazing music brain. Will he go down as one of the greats of this decade?

I've recently been going through all my high rated reviews for my boss. We're about to start working on my Decade best article at work. Even though we've still got lots of music left, he wants me organized for a quick response when January rolls back around.

While searching around I came across a very positive THINK TANK review. I wrote "An album with lasting power" "A classic" "Surely to be one of the standout albums of this decade" "The Best Blur Album yet"

What are your thoughts. Has it lasting power? Best of Blur? 1 of the 100 best records of the dacade?

Re: Blur - Think Tank

It's the only full length Blur album I've heard. It's a pretty good album, but nothing special if you ask me. The album starts out REALLY strong but by the end it's lost nearly all of my interest.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

Two qualifiers:

1. Blur without Graham Coxon is a three-legged dog. There are bits on Think Tank where the songs seem to be missing a filter.

2. I am woefully underinformed about this decade's music (hey, I'm 41). Think Tank could be one of the 100 best albums this decade, but I have no idea.

With that out of the way: I enjoy the album a lot, particularly "Good Song," "Caravan" and "Gene by Gene." And "Crazy Beat" is dumb fun--in a good way--and a great running song.

It's still their fourth-best album, imo, after Modern Life Is Rubbish, Parklife and s/t.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

One of the most overrated, over-ranked-on-AM albums of the decade. I hope--I just know--that once best-of-decade lists start coming in, it will drop pretty fast. That is, if Henrik continues to update that far.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

"Out Of Time" is a killer song though.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

It seems sometimes that I'm the only American who really really loves Blur (they're almost my all time favorite band)

I've never really heard any album quite like Think Tank before. It sounds rather stripped down compared to their earlier straight pop music. I like it, though I can see how someone wouldn't.
But overall it's probably only my third or fourth favorite Blur album, after Parklife, s/t, and maybe the Great Escape (very underrated imo).

And "Out of Time" is one kickass song.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

I'd have to say , after 5 years it really hasnt stayed with me. Bands like The Flaming Lips, Primal Scream (of similar style?) seem to stand out more. I still like the album, but I no longer have the love for it that I once had.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

my step-dad signed blur here in america

Re: Blur - Think Tank

I love Think Tank, although it is a bit uneven. It will likely fall in the bottom half of my Top 100 of the decade. If you ask me, Blur's finest moment was the incredibly inventive (and underrated) 13. Don't get me wrong, Parklife is a masterpiece, but 13 was like nothing I had ever heard before.

Re: Blur - Think Tank

I would have to say that Damon Albarn is one of the finest musicians in the world right now. He keeps pushing boundaries and sounds in such unexpected ways. And just look at the musicians that he surrounds himself with/that want to work with him.

From BritPop through the its death, the swelling walls of noise on "13", demented hiphopoperas of animated glee with Gorillaz, the beautiful melodies in GBQ, African rhythms of Mali, to the screech/cacophany of Monkey. And it just doesn't seem like he's about to stop.

13 is my favorite Blur album, but Think Tank is very very close. I'd love to jettison "Crazy Beat" but I guess that's why I have a forward button.

Think Tank is definitely in the upper part of my decade's best.