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Re: Village Voice

Personally I'm not bothered by VV's US-centric 'world' view or that that many critics are considering the new album form Ray Davis / Springsteen / R.E.M. etc etc as being worth my time.

Re: Village Voice

yeah, that's what i mean

Re: Village Voice

I find Village Voice's poll is one of the more useful polls out there, although it's got it's clear biases like any publication. Rap acts and more previously established acts have an easier time getting to the top. But, at least six or seven of it's top ten are usually quite good albums.

Re: Village Voice

If were Bob Dylan were ever to get through a year without recording a new album/finding some crap at the back of the wardrobe, the staff at Village Voice would steal his answerphone tape and put it in their top twenty.

Re: Village Voice

Its not the VV staff; but I get your point.

Re: Village Voice

"Getting worse with each year. Which baby boomers will be making the top 40 in 12 months? Yawn."

Actually this is why I find this to be a more INTERESTING list. While I realize that any list that attempts to discount any music made by anyone under 30 is missing some great talent, so is one that excludes everyone OVER 45.

In other words, that Al Green album IS pretty good.

Re: Village Voice

There are a lot of dinosaur acts on this list, but the only one who's seriously undeserving is Randy Newman. There's plenty of younger ones too. Three of the top five or pretty young acts and the other two started in the nineties.

And Nick Cave completely deserves top ten.

And Bob Dylan's last three studio albums *were* some of the best few of their years.